Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


That’s what, I’m shocked. I never expected that subbers will go to that extent!:no_mouth:

Contribution count and last contribution activity doesn’t match, that’s where I caught her.


Would you automatically deny/disqualify these types of people or would you make them do a test of sorts to see if they can actually do the language (not talking about known abusers here)?


After several experiences I started to take people into my team only after testing them, I have an old drama for it.
Whoever it might be they must meet my requirements in quality.


If I know the language I test it. If I don’t know I ask to contact a senior here on Viki to test it out. To make sure is ok.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a troll in our midst.


I’m Yuno and I’m Japanese.:hamster:

I’m a moderator and TE, and I also create covers.
Sometimes I only participate in covers.

So I’m wish to have a category for cover design.


Agree. Would be much easier.


A troll with a lot of time on his hands and no shame.


First I didn’t know who you guys meant, but I think I figured it out after reading some other threads :sweat_smile:


That thread is gone now.


Yep LoL that was some crazy stuff


You’re right! :open_mouth:
But before that, I had actually never heard of them before.
Now they are making Dutch subs? :no_mouth: Hmmmm

Annoying subtitles that bothers Me/Myself and I/ to see them here at this site

Yes, they have made Dutch subs before as well :upside_down_face:

Annoying subtitles that bothers Me/Myself and I/ to see them here at this site

I troubled one of my language subber, I thought it was him. I’m still being suspicious though.

I can now really understand, how everyone felt.


Ah ok, was ze nooit eerder tegengekomen, of misschien wel, maar dan onder een andere naam :woman_shrugging:

Translation :point_up: I don’t think I’ve ever encountered them before or maybe under a different name.

@padmalayag people like them make it harder for actual rookies :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. It’s a good thing you test people


Yes, I asked some stupid questions and she was really fed up.and told that she is not interested at all and I apologized her.
She didn’t reply.I’m feeling bad about it.


On the other hand you have to be careful too.
I would just explain the situation and that you have to be careful :sweat_smile:. Maybe they’ll understand, now or in the future.


Yes, I agree. I explained her.
She was like, why do you ask such questions, do you ask the same questions to everyone who wants to join your team.
Seriously I fell in a weird situation today.


I send this message every time a get a rookie or a suspect account to request a little known language. “Hi, xx. Thank you for your interest, but due to fake users, we ask you to contact an older translator here on the platform to confirm that you really know the langue before we can accept you on the project. If you don’t know any subber of that language, let me know and I’ll send you a profile so we can create an inbox and ask the user to confirm your knowledge on the language.”


If it was a job interview she would act like that too? We ask because we need to know