Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


He graduated from the NSSA. Under his own name and at least one of his other personalities.


He was applying to CS position with zero subs and before he even knows what it means to be CS. If you see the profile you’ll see he still doesn’t have a clue at what it means. He created positions that doesn’t even exist.


Yes, I’ve seen that, too. I think he even was “GS” and “TS”! :thinking:

He did really graduate, though. You can see it on the NSSA page. Whether that makes him reliable is a different story. And it certainly doesn’t mean he’s ready to be a CS. Frankly, I don’t think he’ll ever be ready for that.


Nope, I think you need a lot of experience when it comes to being a CS.
I don’t even take on the CS position :sweat_smile:


I have the same problem.


Not every moderator will directly reject you, some people do give you a chance.
And you need to prove yourself.


This is true. I had to prove myself by translating a mini web drama. I picked a Korean one and translated it into my language.

The CM gave me a deadline and I finished a couple days before it.

Before I even got the chance, I dm’d several CMs. Most Thai dramas had a full team already or they didn’t trust me enough to add me as a subber. That’s why I went with subbing a Korean web drama. It was 8 eps. with only 15 mins each. (But subbing it took forever, at least it felt that way) After I finished my first show, I kept checking if there were any new Thai dramas added. That’s how I found my first show that needed a TE.


Now they’re English Editor twice again, though their English obviously isn’t sufficient. I wonder what they’ve been told.


The horror! :scream:


When I was 17 my English was okay… however, I wasn’t able to translate all languages, lol:

Maybe I was just bad. But seriously, it is easy to prove that said person doesn’t know Japanese or anything.


He asks to be TE. Like is the most natural thing to be TE without being fluent.


This person barely knows its own mother tongue.


Viki says is taking this seriously, but I have no idea what that is gonna be since this person is still here and is still bothering is with spam messages all the time like we have amnesia or something


Sometimes I have this feeling… I don’t know, it seems like after massive trolling, some people feel sorry for a rebellious kid in expectation that they suddenly change after a bunch of discussions. There wouldn’t have been issues in the first place if it was just this easy, since it’s not about contributing seriously in the first place. This isn’t a juvenile trial though, so it’s not like their life is ruined after being “sentenced” on a streaming platform. So there’s no point in my opinion to repeat the same story over and over.
When I told them to refrain from bothering me, I received a fake application and a bunch of nonsense. If I replied seriously, they’d claim that they’ll change their lives and become Buddha in the future.


He clearly thinks “TE” stands for “Trash Editor.”


that’s sad. fortunately i was able to get my first gig without much efforts. and then @shraddhasingh helped me a lot in improving my rusty Hindi. But i am glad i am taking the job more seriously. However i am not sure about giving a chance to new people or not since i just love being subber and never had any encounter with fake accounts. people join this platform as a subber for different reasons. some just love to watch dramas, some want to improve their writing skills, some want to become good translators. there are numerous reasons.
For me, i think new people have the potential if guided in a right direction. when i first started subbing, i literally used pure textbook Hindi instead of conversational Hindi. It was quite difficult to put emotions into words but shraddha helped me a lot and I try to improve the quality of my subtitles too.
Fake IDs are pain, specially when they ruin your sub-quality. i just hate seeing my favorite show having thoughtless or meaningless subs. it hurts. then i think it is better to work alone on a project than on relying volunteers. But big projects really consume a lot of time and not everyone can afford it.


Thank you Poeticpeep, it makes my day to hear that.

You’ve also been a really good team player and a quick learner. Working with you is always fun :wink:


About Hindi, I had someone telling me Indians these days prefer “Hinglish” as it’s more conveniant then devnagri. Therefore this subber wanted to be a Hinglish subber. I never heard that Hinglish is more common these days and I never saw an other subber writing Hinglish subs for Hindi. Didn’t add her to the project as it seemed odd to me.


These days everyone prefer that, but the spellings are not standard as everyone uses a different spelling when chatting (texting).
it’s the same with my language Telugu.
Even when I started contributing here, my sister was encouraging me to use Romanised telugu as it would be more comfortable to read. But I didn’t prefer to use it. And now our language viewers are appreciating our team that they are improving their language by reading the subs and watching the drama at the same time.


Can anyone believe this :joy::joy::joy:?