Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


That does ring an alarmbel


Ok but when you do so do you leave some words in English while there is an other word for it in your language? Like let’s say “high school”, “beauty” etc.?


Well, oh. That is written in Indian numeral system. Hundred, thousands, lakhs, crores – comma after two digits.
Viki goes with Internation numeral system. Hundreds, thousands, million – comma after three digits.

I am sure this one is just edited.


Maybe if you’d tell me this person joined Viki in 1837 or so… :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t this a bug? Something like this has happened before :blush:


Probably not. Anyone can change anything on a webpage with simple HTML.


It’s different with a screenshot vs. an actual photo with all the fine lines, graininess and the same shadow on the numbers. A couple of months ago this type of a bug occurred, that’s why I thought it was the most plausible explanation.

Btw, a friend and I were saying there should be a badge for every 100.000 subs, it would be more motivating for contributors. It’s a long way between 100.000 and 500.000. Wouldn’t this be nice?


More badges is definitely great! By the time I earned my 50,000 subs badge, I had forgotten that I used to get badges.


I totally agree that we need to have a lot more badges for our work. An example would be a badge for a minimum monthly activity. I’m sure many reasons can be found to give badges. It’s a simple and quick way to recognize the work of everyone involved on this platform.

Of course, there is also a dark side to this. A more intense activity of those who for the sake of these badges will overlook the quality offered. Maybe this is also the reason why Viki is not doing something about it. Having no way to control quality can become damaging to the platform…

However, since the beginning of the year I have noticed a lot of activity from Viki in terms of the number of newsletters sent out, both to all users and to volunteers (still not happy with the new name, contributors :joy:). They also made small changes to the website.

Who knows, maybe nice things will follow for the volunteer community. :grin:


Viki does about 0.01% of quality control on this site (only reacting here and there to our complaints about The Dot Tribe and The Evil Googlators). The rest, the real work is done by us, sporadically, unsystematically, insufficiently and at the great expense of our time.


Still, the numbers don’t make any sense :wink:


sigh I got sucked in by a fake one recently and found out they were on another show I am on. Someone clued me because I had no idea. So I investigated and found that they did not make any contributions of their own. All they did was make minor edits of previous work done by others. I got rid of them but what a headache! Keeps messaging me now. I have them on ignore. AND I have a Spanish civil war on my new show. The bodies are dropping left and right. lol There may be no Spanish translators left by the time the show drops Thursday. They all get huffy at not being the ONLY one and leave. Same problem with German translators but at least they drop out politely. lol


Makes me want to get my colher or ‘cuchara’ out and whack a few of them into shape :smirk: :rofl: :sunglasses:


숟가락!! :rofl::rofl:


It would be nice if I even got a 300 for Korean! and I actually know a lot of Korean. I have done so many Korean shows but nada, nothing, zilch. :smile: What’s funny is segmenters don’t get credit for adjusting the timing on shows we only get credit for NEW segments we make and on A&C shows new segments are very few and far between BUT we do get a subtitle credit for pasting subs together from segments we delete when combining short segments together. So I have a ton of Mandarin subs and Thai and Taiwanese but no Korean. Go figure. If we ever get a Filipino show, I wonder if I’ll get credit for Tagalog since I understand a ton of Tagalog too. Probably not. it seems I only get sub credit for languages I know very little of. So Japanese… hmmm I do have maybe a vocab of 300 words?? We’ll see if I get a Japanese sub credit someday lol Probably not though :laughing:

So even though we do not get credit for A&C work I prefer that since I learn more languages this way.


The Japanese badges need to be requested and nowadays the same seems to go for the Korean ones.

I’m still wondering why there are no Hong Kong badges. :thinking:


waah i am in awe, is this real?


i think i am lucky, cause i never had to interact with this one abuser.
i don´t know how many where mentioned here, but this one is giving us Germans always a smile


Ops, huffy German translators! I hope they won’t ruin our reputation. :thinking:


@bozoli @dimghro
Viki heard us even before we said our minds