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Is here a Indonesian user in this tread?


Yes, @jhnimm

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I aprove this message LoL


I’m wondering something. What if you know it’s an abuser, but they apply to be a moderator. The viki guidelines say that you can’t discourage people from participating, so can you not add them?


:laughing: I have an opening for German translators for Tokyo Noodle Factory.

6 episodes only - about 30 minutes each, so there will probably be 18 parts.

If you are interested, let me know! the show is supposed to drop this Thursday.


If they are a known abuser you don’t have to add them. I was lucky that someone clued me so I investigated on my own and found it to be true so I dropped them.

I also found that they were on another show I am a moderator on so I reviewed their work and they did not make one single contribution of their own in either English or Korean. When I first looked at the subs, I figured ok this one speaks English then I saw that they had translated some Korean that even I don’t understand every word of. And they had not listed Korean as one of their language skills.

ASC is a kpop variety show that switches back and forth from Korean to English constantly. When we have a sub where we do not understand completely what is being said, we leave the sub alone for someone who does understand.

Then I saw that this abuser’s contribution was +2. So I looked at the edits and found that on February 5, 2022, they were making minor punctuation changes - many of which were incorrect, PLUS stealing the subs from our TE who wrote the subs back in August 2021! The TE I worked very hard to find! That made me mad. I looked at the English subs and found the same thing. Minor punctuation changes but not one single contribution of their own. I wonder if they would change my Tagalog subs? But that is too much work for me to remember which episode had Tagalog. (ASC has hundreds of episodes and thousands of parts.)

That person is not an editor or a moderator so they have no business changing other people’s subs. I reported them to our CM. We’ll see what she wants to do after she investigates.


We are also responsible for the quality and integrity of the channel. So I would refuse it. This is not discouraging good people, is discouraging bad people and avoiding a lot of trouble in the future.


I hope he/ she is altiv ^^


This person probably copied Eng subs, pasted in GT, forgot to copy Hindi subs and pasted Eng subs back in the editor… without even double checking. How much hurry could you be in?

Lol, this third snippet has “Ramayana” in it. I’ve watched the entire show but never saw an episode where the story involved sacred Hindu texts.

This is how you spot abusers. I wonder why don’t moderators cross-check the people they’re adding to their teams at least once?
It doesn’t hurt to ask them some simple questions about their fluency… sigh
This person’s entire contribution history is filled with unusual subs, no wonder they started around 10 days ago and already are going to have 2K+ subs.


Yes we are not supposed to blacklist anyone or exclude people but when it’s an abuser or you discover it’s an abuser and tell Viki, they will support you protecting your channel (and Viki as a brand in the end). I had to deal with this recently and the abuser did treaten me to report me to Viki. Ohh how scary… well in fact I was thinking like go ahead. I think I gained enough ‘credits’ for Viki to know that I have a good reason when I kick someone out.

My suggestion is to collect proof and report the user as an abuser. If that abuser decides to report you later they already have your side of the issue or you can refer to it.


What sort of reputation do we have? :thinking:

I always feel it’s somewhat different with Hindi, since lots of people seem to know some Hindi, but not necessarily well?! In German, we usually have only native speakers (and sometimes rare exceptions). I mean, some people certainly make too many mistakes or use slang or whatever… :no_mouth:

Anyway, I’ve been told the abuser is monitored already for some time now. I don’t think there’s a point in letting them do whatever like this.


Sadly, yes. Hindi is taught in schools as a compulsory subject till junior high school (10th class). After that, students have an option to study it if they want to. Many don’t pick it as their subject (I didn’t choose it either). So, many Hindi speakers don’t have a habit of writing in Hindi daily. Many would proudly say, “I haven’t written in Hindi in a long time.”

It’s a situation where people disregard their own mother tongue because they find English more modern and a lot of Hindi speakers look down on other Hindi speakers who can’t speak or read English.

Another is the presence of lots of languages. Many subbers here speak Hindi as their third language, so they very often mix their mother tongue’s grammar with the Hindi subs they write; gendered verbs and vocabulary being their victims most of the time.

You may imagine it like a Dutch speaking person doesn’t want to subtitle in their own language but rather want to subtitle in German. The mistakes a Dutch speaking German subtitler will make are the mistakes these vernacular language speakers make while subtitling in Hindi.

Even if a subber is a native Hindi speaker, because of not using Devanagari (Hindi script) in their daily lives (many prefer using Latin); they very often make spelling errors. If they do know how to spell words correctly, but doesn’t live in a state where Hindi is the lingua franca (mostly eastern and southern Indian states), they’ll mix the state’s language with Hindi without even knowing.

Hindi (along with other Indian languages) are sadly the victims of modernization. Modernization in a society where the society thinks modernization equals Englishization.

Fortunately, there are still people who take pride in the language and use Devanagari daily.

As for Google Translators, natives or not, they’d use it if they want to. No one can stop them :joy:

I guess I know the person. They applied to me for a show and suggested to use Latin to write subtitles in my shows around November. They had already created subs in a show using Latin. I just informed the CM of the show about it. Well, I can understand why this school of thoughts was born, it’s because we text in Latin.
But texting and subtitling are hardly the same thing. People text with all sorts of acronyms they can discover, Even in English – gr8, gn, asap, gud, sup – this doesn’t mean English subs should start using these acronyms. 322 million speak Hindi, thinking these many people use Hindi in Latin just because a 100 people around us do is nothing but stupid.
Viki writes “Hindi” in Devanagari inside subtitle editor and in the app. All popular apps still use Devanagari in their Hindi language section, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook for example.


That’s why I found it odd. I never saw a Hindi subber not using Devanagari except for that person who contacted me about Hinglish. Or maybe I didn’t pay enough attention to it, who has the time to keep an eye on everything, all I know is that the Hindi subbers I interacted with take pride in keeping Hindi alive and use Devanagari.


Dear Porkypine,

I am writing in response to your recent post about the so-called “Spanish civil war”. I want to ask you a few questions to clarify the situation, because in my view, this is more about a communication problem. Are you sure that there is Spanish civil war going on? Are you sure that there is a struggle between the Spanish translators (you may ask yourself whether this is the case for the German team as well)? Maybe this is your first time as CM, and you ignore certain basic practices about who does what. As a CM, you are in charge of choosing moderators for all languages, not subtitlers. This is the working assumption of those of us in Viki. So, if your objective was to directly manage the subtitlers, you should have been clear about that with the people who write to you.

I am one of those persons that you describe as “dropping left and right”. I wrote to you applying for the moderator’s position. I found out through friends in Viki that you had appointed seven other people and myself as Spanish moderators. This means that a show with six episodes would have had eight moderators. At least I, had not been informed of this by you.

Contrary to what you imply in your post, we don’t have internal problems. To the contrary, we often talk to each other, such that we commented on the situation and decided that it made little sense to have that many moderators for this show. That’s the reason why many of us withdrew from the position.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about not having Spanish translators for when the show begins, as it is a moderator’s duty to recruit and organize the subtitling team.

I know that I speak on behalf of my colleagues in the Spanish team when I say that we feel that this “Spanish civil war” is an unfair and baseless accusation on your part. Before judging the team and making fun of it in public, you should communicate with the people you involve in your team and provide clear information regarding how you envisage organizing work in the project. You may also want to stick to the way teams in Viki work so as to avoid creating confusion with this type of situation.


I really hope a good one :slight_smile:


I can sort of partly understand Dutch or Danish or Swedish if I read it since some words sound similar, but I absolutely wouldn’t be able to speak it or form a sentence on my own. :rofl: That’s why it’s so hard to imagine to have a bunch of native languages I only speak or write or something, I guess. :woman_shrugging:

But there’re languages such as Bulgarian where people (can) use both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet.


That’s the case for some Slavic (and non-Slavic) languages, but not for Bulgarian. The Cyrillic alphabet was invented by Bulgarians. Why would they even want to give that up?
If they do it anyway, they are not authentic.


My bad, I wanted to refer to Serbian I think.