Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


I’ve been working on my first CM role and a few of the language teams were very fast and efficient and have already finished. While others haven’t even started subbing. I’ve sent an inquiry to those late guys and will let them go if there is no response from them and will find new language teams to replace them.

I will give new people a chance but I do expect them to actually do the work. If they can’t/won’t do the work I’ll let them go. If new people never get a chance, how can they acquire experience?

I may be fooled now and then but I’ll boot them for lack of quality productivity. But I’ve worked at a university for decades so I am accustomed to working in teaching environments.


Even tho there’s a team that actually do the work, you still have to make sure the subs have good quality. Thats why I agreed with bozoli to have older reliable moderators to check the subs.


True. The teams that have finished seem to have reliable reputations from other shows so I trust the quality is good unless notified otherwise. But I really don’t know for sure since I am not fluent in those languages. My polyglot, haphazard language skills are not fluent.


Yep. We honestly need quality control, especially because of users such as the one cerejacult talked about. It’s just really hard to trust people these day, sike


Those were probably also the languages that have more subbers than they could place in one team. The smaller languages, where people sub on their own, or with only a few, automatically take longer and shouldn’t be punished for not keeping up with the big teams.
If they don’t start at all, though, I can imagine your anger.


There were a couple of single people working a couple of the languages and they managed to complete it within a week of their GO. It was only a 12 part movie, not a whole series. But I am not mad at all. I don’t get mad about stuff like that. It’s just business. If they can’t do the work, I’ll hire someone who can. It is just a delay and there is no deadline other than my expectation that they at least do something within 3 weeks of the GO.


There is a user here who takes 99% of the moderations in her language (a South-East Asian language). Everyone knows her and they automatically give the job to her because they see her name everywhere. But if you go to her Contributions page and take the trouble to investigate a bit, you will see that she routinely does the 1st, maximum the 2nd episode and then stops. And we are talking of very high-profile, popular on-air dramas. There are very few complete ones. Shocking!
Yet lazy CMs keep giving her more and more moderations. I didn’t, I explained why and she never replied. But frankly, I’ve been looking for other moderators of that language and couldn’t find any. She has such a monopoly that you don’t even see other names.


If you can’t find any other subbers in a particular language, it probably indicates that the interest and demand for the language is not high. So, leaving the moderator spot empty is fine.


Some times the people are not interested(lazy too) to sub.


May I know the name of the language please. Or you can see this post South Asian languages' subtitlers


I can’t say that! Everyone would immediately know whom I’m talking about.
And your post is only Indian/Pakistani languages. The Indian subcontinent is not the only South-East Asian country.


Maybe this is a misunderstanding. I’m not even interested in knowing her identity. I asked the name of the language because you wrote “South Asian language” earlier. I just wanted to help you. I see you later edited it in Southeast Asian languages. Thank you.


There is only one volunteer in the entire Viki in that language. Which means, if she were to say which language, it would be the same as saying who that Mod was. :wink:


See, I was trying not to be too specific, because it’s not nice to publicly accuse someone by name. But seeing that Indians got somehow alarmed, I wanted to dispel that.


After reading this post and giving a lot of thought, I’ve decided to proceed like this: If a user with 0 contributions comes to me asking to be a subber, or any other positions, I’ll redirect them to the Ninja Academy program, if they have contributions, I’ll contact the moderators from their previous projects and analyze their subtitles before accepting them. I’ve noticed a lot of new users trying to be volunteers, but when they get accepted, they use GT or break the rules we usually set. Honestly I feel like it’s the best approach.


The Ninja Academy only provides training for a few languages, though.


@arethawe we don’t have a ninja academy to all languages. The bigger problem are the languages that has few volunteers. Portuguese and Spanish for example, we don’t have a problem. We have manny mods and translators to ask for help detecting GT. And if you speak the language you can see if the person is legit or just want to fool you. But how will we do this with Catalan, Hindi, etc when they don’t have ninja academy?


For that, I think bazoli solution would work. Having older and known contributors checking and, maybe, a mssterclass type of thing, at least for the moderator positions, as for subbing I honestly don’t have any ideas.


But for the languages that do have Ninja academy classes, I think it would work.


@aretha the ones that have ninja academy have mods LoL the mods can check. This is what I was saying on my first post. The person chooses languages that we have almost no one here on Viki to check. If it was a well-known language it wouldn’t be the problem that it is today. What I do is ask for someone older to vouch for the rookie. However, we have manny CMs and mods that just add without checking. So the person adds subs and end up being added again. But no one checks the subs since is a little known language.