South Asian languages' subtitlers


Since it’s difficult to find subtitlers from Indian languages, I am listing here some subtitlers who offered their services recently. The list contains only those volunteers who have contributed in less than 12 months.

Since, there is no way to know how many volunteers are there in a language, this list should not be assumed to be complete.

Some of the volunteers might be inactive now or might not want to subtitle anymore. Some of them might also have used GT in their shows, so please go through their profile carefully (I am not fluent in all of the languages, soo… :grimacing:)




HINDI (I’ve only mentioned those Hindi volunteers who can be trusted with their work)









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Very useful thread!


How did you find my team mates(you are not a moderator on mouse drama?) That’s really surprising, you listed almost all of them,and

other subbers I know were not listed though. they are not much active.

Can you share the secret of how you found them?





ayrus - Rakuten Viki

This girl can sub in telugu too.


Just shared with you via our PM few seconds ago. :grin:

For anyone else wondering, this is how I find out new subbers.

“You don’t need to be added as a moderator to access the team members. Simply go to teams tab and under “All” section, see recently added subtitlers. (Recently added subtitlers will be just below segmenters). Then, you need to find relatively “Indian” usernames, you’ll find Shivatyagi, venkyspeaks, sneta, etc [on I-LAND]. It’s really a matter of hit and trial. It is really helpful if the CM also lists their unmoderatod subtitlers, pilar_velasquez’s channels’ cover pages are always updated with subtitlers.”


Thanks for this dear!!!

Will try it.


There’s another way too. If you have found (from the Explore page and from the cover page) that a drama is fully subbed in your desired language until the end, then watch (in that language) the ending of the last episode. Usually the names of team members are listed in the credits.

Pro: They are listed all in one place. You don’t have to guess and wonder which subbers are Indian. Some volunteers have usernames like “little_bunny_89” or “I_love_lee_min_ho”. So with the other method you would have missed them.
Con: You have to type the usernames, you can’t just select and copy paste.


I’m the first telugu moderator to completely sub and edit a drama on viki, so it doesn’t work for me.

But for hindi it will work.


The other day, I found a volunteer with an Indian name and Shah Rukh Khan’s profile picture, so I had my hopes high. But they turned out to be a Polish volunteer.

Hit and trial definitely doesn’t work all the time.

This won’t work with all of the completely subbed Hindi dramas either. Since, a few moderators just copy paste the English team credits or translate them to Hindi, leaving out the actual Hindi team. Some do actually give credit to their Hindi team. Anyway, proud of both types of moderators to complete the drama.

Proud of you too. :partying_face:


That’s really sad to hear, even some Telugu volunteers also do that for example the one claygoldberg his actual name is Prashanth. And jinsgirl her name is shirisha, we can’t find such users ever.


Even some popular language moderators on viki do that, when I first completed the drama I saw the team credits segments for getting an idea and noticed it on Arabic subtitles @irmar , so I asked my ol mod friend and she suggested.


Ah, I didn’t know that! That’s weird. Why would they leave out the people who actually did the Hindi translation - which is the most interesting to the Hindi viewers?
When I am Italian moderator I skip the names of the segmenters and Korean-English subbers, and in their place I put the Italian team.
Once upon a time all languages had a cover page, where you also could see the team members. Not anymore, sadly.

3rd method.
Send a p.m. to all moderators of the language you need, saying that you’re trying to build a database of all subbers in that language (giving them the link to this thread as proof), and ask them to give you the list of their team members in the dramas they worked on. Some will be too lazy to look up and send you the list, but some may be helpful.


New Urdu subber:


Are you asking because I included Nepali and Urdu?
No doubt Nepal owns Nepali but it also has a major role in India. Just like how Belgians include French, Dutch and German.

There are 2 million Nepali speakers in India, it is one of the 22 scheduled languages, and it also has official status in 2 Indian states.

As for Urdu,
Urdu started developing in North Indian and Delhi region, there are 50 million native speakers, it is one of the 22 scheduled languages and has official status in 5 Indian states.

I’ll anyway change the title to South Asian languages’ subtitlers to avoid controversy over such matters.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused.


jeevitha102003_496 - Rakuten Viki
yazhinibalasundar7_763 - Rakuten Viki


Any tamil moderators available?





I guess today is a good day :joy: