Giving a chance to a rookie x Falling for fake accounts


Oh, God, are there more than one set of complainers? :scream:

The language I’m talking about has 5-10 mods/complainers in total, sometimes they finish projects on time, most of the time they hoard the projects. And if CMs would bother to check their Projects page, they would have a lot to see there.


Exactly! This is what I was talking about. Aishhhhh


I think most of the cms don’t have enough time to check the applicants qc status and projects status. I think that’s the main reason why we are crossing paths with these kind of people. And definitely the cm is at fault for this.


It’s more that they have no idea what they’re doing. I once even encountered a CM who had recruited someone who had never segmented before as the Chief Segmenter for her show.


I think time has nothing to do with it. They choose not to. Or they are not well-informed about certain issues at Viki to know they should check.


Not really true. You have, for each one of them, look at the projects and find out for each

  1. whether it’s finished or not in English
  2. whether it’s on air or not
  3. whether it’s finished in her language, or until which episode. Is it because the English episodes were not released? You have to go back to the player and see whether there are any languages except English.
  4. How many subtitles she had made for that show
  5. Check, just in case, on the Team tab and/or cover page, whether there is a separate editor in that language.
  6. Check, just in case, on the cover page, whether that volunteer is a page designer, and that’s why she is listed as English moderator but has zero contributions.
  7. Are there subbers in that language or is the person subbing solo? Unfortunately this information is not available on the team tab, because it doesn’t state the language of each.

To do this for the latest 10 shows sometimes takes more than an hour. And yet you may make wrong assumptions. For instance a show that was finished last year in English was just taken last week by this particular moderator of a not-so-popular language, so she’s absolutely justified for having just started it. So you have to ask for clarifications on top of your personal research.

Thinking that only for Portuguese you will have about 10 requests and for Spanish about 6-7, plus of course all the other languages…
How many days does this take?
I will tell you. For I’ll Come To You When The Weather is Nice it took me one week. And during that week, many were writing again and again asking why I didn’t reply yet.
Since then, I’ve thought of asking the moderators to provide the info themselves. BUT then I found out many were just lying, saying that they have X number of shows and conveniently forgetting that there are also those library titles, or those co-moderations.

Ugh! If Viki doesn’t help out making it easy to get the info, it’s understandable that nobody wants to do this huge tedious job.


That’s why I liked @shraddhasingh idea of the profile page, where stands how many ongoing CM, Mod, subber and Editor projects an volunteer has.
If viki could make this happen that would be a great help.


While with regards to the English team the situation must be dealt swiftly. But choosing other language moderators can wait for a day or two (or five). Yes, it takes foreverrr to check them all. Not checking them all would be unfair, though. I was in a situation where, while I was checking the 8 Italian applicants, another two applied.

But most CMs don’t bother. Even when they know they probably should. Even when they know that the decision which Moderator to choose is probably one of the most important tasks of a CM.

That would be ideal. However, Viki would have to do some major calculations there. And I don’t want to underestimate Viki’s engineers, but darn, it was really hard just to adjust the contribution counter to be accurate :speak_no_evil:


Hello, dear all!
I just read this discussion and someone mentioned Indonesian.
It is true that there was a rookie with a similar name and a few accounts applied to be a subber and/or moderator for Indonesian. To be honest, we are as a few Indonesian subber didn’t know about that person and she/he leaves a bad impression on us as well.
We got a lot of complaints on a few dramas where she/he worked on as a moderator that the quality of the subtitle is really bad and didn’t even relate to the main story of the drama.
We did some research and investigation on her/him, and we found out that he/she is not even Indonesian, not to mention a native. He/she also tried to reach us to join as a subber but seeing the quality of her/his work, is not even the work of native Indonesian.
So, let me clarify that our Indonesian Team also didn’t know about her/him and we didn’t accept her/him on our project, too.
Thank you so much for bringing up this discussion and it is really inconvenient for us too when he/she wandering around, asking here and there to be an Indonesian Moderator when he/she didn’t even qualify to do so.


I was suddenly made CM again and had a huge discussion about such matter (simply because I categorized the English Moderation as Page Design only, but someone thought it was something else while it wasn’t). In the end I was able to explain it, but it took a while and I suppose some others may as well misjudge those “assignments”.

And it was another language this time, lol.
A fellow German Moderator told me as well that she was asked about fellow Germans complaining about rejections, I have no idea, but it may apply to all (especially) middle-sized language communities (though the competition might be even fiercer in the Spanish or Portuguese community).

At the same time I received a request from a fresh account, subbing Malayan and claiming they’re native Korean, asking to become a TE for a Japanese drama… Most likely this is the person again we discussed here, as they’ve already applied for Malayan as well before the ban. However, it was obvious that even their English had a few issues, and there were many formal reasons anyway to reject them. :no_mouth:


This is one thing I don’t understand. Sure, I’ve not worked on many projects. The ones I’ve worked on are usually quite long because they’re c-dramas. But, of the few I’ve worked on, half the CMs had no idea what was going on. It was the Mods who helped everyone with everything, covering up for even the mistakes made by the CMs. How do these people become CMs? Is it because they haven’t been briefed properly by Viki? Then why do the Mods seem more capable?

I apologize if I’m ignorant about certain issues. If someone has a different perspective, please feel free to correct me.

I sent such a long, indignant reply to Viki on this topic when they sent one of their routine feedback quizzes :expressionless:


Very good questions. I don’t think Viki briefs anyone properly. We mostly learn by experience here (or by what other members may tell us) and we all have different experiences. Maybe Viki even relies on other team members to help the newbie CM.


It’s quite difficult for Channel Managers and I know these discussions as well. I don’t have that many channels and before I was appointed for Voice 4, I had to wait 3 years to be CM again. With 20 or more applications for just one language, you will disappoint many moderators, because you can only choose one plus co-moderation, if wanted.

I got applications, where the moderators claimed to be “The ONE team for this genre” and told me, that this or that moderator would be “very bad”. It’s difficult to choose someone, if you don’t speak the language and you don’t know their skills, but such accusations are not helpful at all.

So, I can tell at least for the German community, that we don’t have “that ONE team” for a genre or maybe some specials actors. We have moderators, who prefer Chinese or Korean dramas, some who love historical dramas or modern ones and some for the so hyped BL dramas. But not “that ONE”, even if you can find for some genres almost every time the same moderators.


I think the same is true for the Dutch community. Some people definitely have their preferences for certain types of dramas, including me. There isn’t one team for everything, it’s more individual subbers.



I also think that people who claim they’re the ONE team, probably aren’t :stuck_out_tongue:


I was about to say the same: You get no briefing. You do get a mentor, though.

Exactly. And I actually think whining should be punished.


Are you referring to a helpful team member or to the Viki Staff member who appoints you as CM? No one ever literally told me, “this is your mentor.”


I’ve seen a volunteer who became a CM after spending 11 years at Viki. No doubt, there are also volunteers who become CMs just within a few months. The system is so irregular.

Wait a second… What? Did I interpret it correctly? People send applications complaining about other’s work rather than briefing about how their work is? This is funny. Why not boast about your work rather than pulling each other’s leg!

I wonder— does Viki monitor first time CMs? I guess (and support) that they should.

I’ve seen CMs who’ve never been a Mod but did an amazing job as a CM and I’ve also seen CMs who have previous experience, both as a Mod and a CM, but never did anything beneficial.


Same … I had to figure everything out on my own (and with the help of the CE and CS).


No, you don’t get it. This is not with their initial application. This is when they get sour because they weren’t chosen. “The one you chose is so and so and has done this and that”.
Which of course may also be true, who knows?