Good Morning Shanghai Needs Repairing Helpers!

Hi everyone! I’m Nikki and I would like segmenters, subtitlers in all languages (mostly English of course) and designers if possible. <-- This is optional. ^^ This drama is in Mandarin, but I’m not sure if it’s in simplified form or traditional. So if you know anyone, please ask them to pm me. That’s it! Please check it out if you want to help. For subbers, just let me know in a short message. For moderators ask me to add you and I will. Those interested in design, please PM and show me the design before I add you as a moderator so you can put it in yourself. <3

Can you take a look at Channel ‘Fated to Loved You’
And see if there are anything you can help with… Thanks… xD

Spanish moderator.

I have actually seen this, but I’m currently not working on any projects right now sorry. I’m working on the channel of Good Morning Shanghai.

Got it! Thanks :]