Happiness k-drama

I didn’t see a thread specifically dedicated to this show, so I want to start one. We can use this to spin theories and ideas…and of course we can rave over the superb storyline the writers have concocted and brilliant acting from
Han Hyo Joo
, and Park Hyung Sik.

Reasons I love it: Plot twists (several) with every episode.
Reasons why I’m addicted to it: Zombies instead of the typically mushy romance that k-dramas are so often known for.

My big complaint: You can’t get a viral infection from a drug. It’s scientifically and medically inaccurate. Even with antibodies that may or may not be in Sae Bom’s blood, I don’t see how you could cure a viral infection if it started in a synthetically created drug (NEXT).


dramas don’t have logic so they create magic.
That’s what I believe!

Thanks for creating this topic, I’m stuffed up with tension, I think I can share with people here.


Share away!
And I do agree with you…
I believe the technical term for it is “drama logic”. LOLs

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I’m really worried about hyung sik!

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After episode 9? Yeah…but it’s nearing the end of the series now. I bet the antibodies test results from Sae Bom’s blood will prove useful and they’ll develop and antidote so he can be saved. I don’t think Sae Bom would just let him die so easily.

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Yeah, of course that’s what will happen in the climax, I wish that 601 ajussi should die as quickly as possible.

I were in that apartment I would have killed him already


As much as we wish for his grisly demise, I don’t think we’ll get it. Our two main leads have extremely forgiving natures, probably comes with being cops. As badass as they are, they don’t intentionally wish harm on anyone living in that building. He’ll probably end up getting thrown in jail.

Now a great twist would be if one of the other residents took matters into their own hands. THEN we might see something new.

As of right now however, it seems to be following the familiar “forgive me” kdrama trope.


Haa haa… I remembered That penthouse guy is some how involved in NEXT drug

I really can’t wait for the subs.

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I haven’t watched episode 9 yet. So thanks for covering the spoilers :wink:

I’ll join after watching episode 9.


I just watch ep. 9. I waited an extra 24 hrs after it released to watch it in Engligh subs. I know ep.10 just came out today. I’ll end up watching it tomorrow.

The Penthouse Guy was mysterious from the start. In ep.9, they directors sat him up on a literal throne, and he talked to the cops like he was all high-and-mighty. Definitely a “holier than thou” attitude, probably coupled with a massive God complex. Makes sense with his agoraphobic and OCD traits. I don’t know if he developed the drug, but he definitely knew about it ahead of time and stockpiled supplies, ready to survive the end of the world and be the last man standing.

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I am also waiting for the English subs of EP 10


You studied his character so deep, I too thought the same, why the hell is behaving like a king, do you remember he gave masks to heroine and asked for the official t shirt(in the very first couple of episodes). And yes he piled up everything! And I really want to kill that ajussi(601) seriously I’m very angry on him.the lawyer and hee Jun affair is unexpected.
The main leads romance is 0 though.


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Now that the whole ordeal with the Pastor went down in ep.9, I have a feeling the lady from floor 12 (The Building Rep) is going to die very soon.
The directors and writers made a point to show that nighttime scene with her in the apartment, looking out over the balcony, then turning around to inspect a seemingly invisible force that knocked on her door (idk about you, but I heard nothing, so I think it might be her own paranoia setting in). The directors wouldn’t include that scene if it didn’t serve a purpose. I think it’s foreshadowing her demise, possibly from suicide, throwing herself over the balcony just like the Pastor inadvertently did.

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Oooooh… I’m getting chills…
I really can’t wait for the subs…

I wish that colonel should get a happy ending, and every one should have a happy ending too, why because, only then the name of the drama will be justified. And I think there will be a second season usually thrillers like this end up with some unanswered questions

And I’m happy to share with someone!
You created the topic at the right Time.


I forgot one more thing!

that 601 uncle, how cruel is he, he mixed water with the pill.and when the twist was revealed, I just took a very deep breath and thanked God. Seriously I didn’t expect that and even when phs cut his hand that super market girl turned into a monster, I almost screamed.

You’re very welcome!

As much as I hope the Lt. Colonel has a happy ending, I don’t know that he will. Just a gut feeling. Whether it’s his wife or the baby or him, one of them is going to die. I just know it. Once the antidote is revealed, whoever is left from the higher-ups will hang all of this on him. He will become the scapegoat, because someone always takes the fall. That’s just how politics and power work- He who holds the keys to Heaven controls the world. In this drama, money is definitely in that set of keys.

I really appreciate how this drama has dissected the immense economic and social disparity happening around the world today. Writers and directors did a fantastic job with that.


Oh… please dont say that, he is looking so dynamic. I love his character.I want him to have both wife and child and I want the 3 of them to live happily.

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I have been enjoying this show SO much, and I’m glad to see a topic about it.

As for an infection coming from a drug, unless it was specifically tainted with a virus during production, I also don’t really understand how the infection could originate from it, but I’ve just accepted it as drama ‘logic’. :wink: Originally, when we met the Big Pharma CEO character, I anticipated a plot that would suggest he intentionally created a virus in order to profit from creating and producing its cure, but they didn’t go that route, obviously.

There is so much intrigue going on in this apartment complex, and I really can’t believe there are less than a handful of episodes left because I feel like there are still so many unanswered questions and so many mysteries around all the residents. How could they wrap it up in such a short time? This is why I also anticipate there will probably be a second season, or maybe I should say I really HOPE there is because I don’t want the conclusion to feel rushed.


I have a thought now that we know - and I die - and I’m crying - that Sikkie is infected - that we are going to end up with a cliffhanger - like him turning or them shutting the door on him at the hospital or something and then - BAM SEASON 2 - I will cry my eyes out.

I can not explain how good this show is and SIKKIE picked a GREAT show to show off his talent as an actor and I want more ACTION from him!


Yeah! I agree and I had a hunch when he is explaining his wife about why people tend to hide when they are infected and at last
My imagination came true!

I’m pretty sure there will be a second season


I definitely saw that as foreshadowing, unfortunately.