Happiness k-drama


I couldn’t wait for subs, 10 is intense, you all are in for a wild ride!

some very important gifs

Ep 7

Ep 9

I can’t seem to blur them, sorry


I don’t know what that move is called, but whatever he did in episode 9 with that Pastor (second last gif), it was very smooth. I watched that scene multiple times just to understand what his move.


We did the same thing in our watch party today! I’ve never seen anything quite like it.


We did too! I think we watched it 5 times!!!


In Happiness k-drama?


I’d like the white truck for almost everyone in Happiness. There really are only a few good people and the rest are trash.

I called it a leg spin, only thing I could think of.


Welp -

Murderer needs to be “yeeted” off the bldging from the roof onto a parked car!!!
That is how much I can’t stand him!!!


Even better if that parked car is a white truck of doom. :joy:


The innocent car though. how about into the back of a garbage truck?


I fear he might survive that fall - it’s how people often survive high jumps off of buildings in dramas. But as long as they hit the trash compacting button right away, it would probably be okay.


Vanity Fair

Ok I can’t help it all I can think about is this

We can put Lawyer - Murderer - Apt Rep - all in there!


Too bad there isn’t a garbage chute in the building.


The passions are high in this thread. Love it! :smile:
Nope, I’m not watching. Just based on your posts alone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I might put it on my watchlist, TBD.


It is amazing though. This is edging it’s way to the top of my favorites list, I’ll see after it’s finished.


I watched the 10th ep too!!

It’s a totallllllll messss!!


For the love of all things holy, thank you for these gifs. If there is a second season, they will sustain me a bit.


I’m gonna go watch ep.10 now! Wait for me, people!!!


That 10th episode!!!

I knew Andrew wasn’t on the level, but he is a virus variant serial killing zombie!!! I was anxious to see who the variant inside the building was, someone who could control their thirst for human blood. Turns out, this new plot twist explains that Andrew is the real villain in this show, not the Penthouse Guy as we originally thought.
Also, did anyone notice that all the tenants have turned against our main leads??!! Do they know Andrew is a serial killing zombie? Otherwise, why would they willingly help him break into 501?
And I hope our male lead hero is another virus variant. We’ll see how he does now that he has thrown himself onto the bloody dead body of his fallen partner. (I feel bad for that Ajussie. He was a nice guy after all.)


I didn’t understand the last 4 lines of the spoiler.

Andrew had a mask. So its not easy to smell blood through it, that helped him a lot. if he is the new variant


But still, a few episodes ago he even volunteered his own blood to detect zombies!!! He definitely has the self-control Lt. Colonel was talking about that comes with the variant of the virus.