Happiness k-drama


The cop is probably alive. He was there in episode 11’s preview.

All I can say is K-Drama writers need to take lessons from this drama. This is how you make FLs strong, MLs caring (unlike the bossy MLs we usually see), characters who act like real people.

I mean, during Covid people went mad, totally crazy. If something like this disease comes up, I am pretty sure the public would act just like the residents are doing.

And if Yi Hyun dies, then we’ll need help from Penthouse writers :joy::joy:


He is not the new variant, I guess. He was already a serial killer before the outbreak. Notice he scratched his ID?

However, it could be that his variant is more capable of self-control?


Oh wait!! Yes! He isn’t infected!!!He volunteered to give his blood, and the Pastor drank it, which means he isn’t infected but is just a serial killer?


la la la la la no spoilers!!!


We need some gifs of Andrew - @sweetybirdtoo or @irishtigger


I haven’t seen Penthouse yet, but I do know what you’re referring to!! :wink:

I also didn’t see the ep.11 preview, but I do hope that is the case. Maybe Ajussie cop will take a hint and just shoot the guy. (Probably not, but we can hope right?)

I think the question we have to ask ourselves is this: Was it the virus that made him a serial killer or was he already a serial killer before he got infected?
He could also be patient zero!!! (Just a thought.)
We know he’s a zombie (at least, I think the writers have heavily referenced it) due to the fact the cleaning lady and Penthouse Guy all had their necks ripped out and their IDs were found in Andrew’s backpack.


I’m also sad that casting choose a semi-cute kind of guy to play Andrew.
I could hate him more if he weren’t slightly innocent-looking.


That’s true lol!

Andrew being a serial killer - okay, we may consider that option too, but their necks were bitten, it means that he is infected, am I wrong?


On one hand, the Pastor drank it, on the other hand, there were cuts in neck? Maybe sort of a show? Maybe he’s really infected?

The writer deserves all Daesangs!!!


Leave the residents aside,they didn’t even show his face to us!
So we can write as many as fan theories we want.



Hell yes!!!


HOLY COW, EPISODE 10!!! That was so intense and just leaves us waiting for more.


I’m CRYING - My Expectations - All of this CRAZY



Definitely there is a second season for this, that’s why it has 12 episodes only!

It happened in Yumi’s cells case.


More gifs

I was going to make one of the human vultures but it looked like it could be vertigo inducing.






You’re too funny.


I started today, and I’m already on episode 5, but is going so slow for me, and the whole story plot that a drug creates ‘‘zombies’’ that can go back to being normal at times, it’s ridiculous bc according to them they go back to ‘‘being’’ normal, and wash their body, hands, and do all that to feel better about themselves after they ‘‘ate’’ another human being.

There are too many inconsistencies in the drama bc the wife that was murdered by the husband; the military girl said to ‘‘hunk boy’’ that once she came back to normal she would die, but she didn’t say it was due to the injuries the husband had inflicted on her with the golf stick, but from something else so I was like…really?

There is like no medium ground to make this a believable story. To make matters worse, this one man only is in charge, but is not doing much about it. Now, about a pill not creating zombies, it can be possible but not a zombie, but yes, a killing flesh eating monster.

I remember years back 2 cases here in New York where this drugged up monsters consumed/ate the face of the man they attacked. That man had no eyes, nose and was trying to talk. It was weird how they kept this under secret and not much has been heard about the one that survived (one was practically eaten to death by the attacker). There was not much news coverage, and we just forgot about it until I saw this drama.

On Episode 5; we have a bat, one gun (so far) and that’s it. No plan, no working together to protect themselves/each other, and some of the tenants have the guts to leave their doors at times fully opened. I don’t know if I should continue bc I haven’t even seen a small ‘‘peck on the cheek kiss’’ at least. Another one that so far the romance part went down the toilet. I wanted to see some romance by now, but a hug and that dumb motherly ‘‘tap’’ the guy gives the girl. It makes my blood boil.


There’s no kiss :joy::joy:
I’m expecting one in the end at the very least.


It isn’t exactly a romance drama, though. It’s not labeled that way as a genre, and it wasn’t really marketed that way either. There are hints about feelings, but the focus is on the crisis and how it affects everyone. As far as how the residents are acting, I think that’s kind of the point. The message is about how different people react in a crisis and what human qualities will surface in each individual the longer and more intense that crisis becomes. Some of them have remained consistent, either as good or bad, and some get worse as the situation deteriorates.

As for the virus itself, it certainly requires some suspension of belief because that side of the story (the scientific aspect) isn’t terribly believable, and if someone isn’t able to accept it for what it is in the story, it will be hard to enjoy the drama.


I usually don’t pay attention to the science of zombie shows, it’s zombies, they really aren’t that scientific. It’s also not categorized as a romance, so if there’s a kiss that would be good, but I started it with no expectation of romance. I personally love it, but it’s not going to be for everyone.