Happiness k-drama

This picture, though!

‘Baby’ PHS can also be seen in ‘Heirs’


So the only one I saw from him was [Strong Woman Do Bong Soon], and I started Hwarang, but didn’t like it at all, so I stopped like after a few minutes. I must be confusing him with another Hottie bc I thought I saw several dramas with him. I wonder who I’m confusing him with lmao

Is there another guy/actor/hottie that looks like him?

PS I’m glad I made your day pulling out that cute hottie boy pics.


AnyHoo - Always my pleasure!


A very cute scene was deleted!!!

They deleted many cute scenes



Episode 2 deleted scenes

No English subtitles!

601ajussi!! He deserves death!!!

Han tae sok is suspicious of Andrew I’m super excited for the upcoming episode.

Andrew(lime powder I think) made this little girl sick, that was why she is under the blanket coughing!

Sad that these types of moments had to be sacrificed. We get so few of them as it is.


Some were very important scenes in my opinion.


I wonder how much footage is normally cut for these dramas? This is the first time (which is not necessarily a measuring stick, since I don’t typically follow shows all that closely) I’ve seen a drama release all these extra scenes, and it seems like there are a lot. Since the drama is only 12 episodes, it’s hard to see this many deleted scenes because it just means we could have gotten that much more. (But then again, do I really need that much more reason to hate some of these characters? LOL) Seeing deleted scenes also makes me feel bad for the cast and crew who put so much work into those scenes only to have them eliminated.



The worst part of this ‘‘makes no sense to me drama;’’ that twice, they got interrupted when the ‘‘romance’’ was blooming for the viewers delight: Why are they doing that? They were about to kiss in the rooftop, and that ‘‘moron’’ officer, scrapes his throat to stop them from kissing instead of turning around, getting the hell out of there, and come back much later. If they had no intention of having romance in this drama they should have left them as police partners working together against this ‘‘zombie virus.’’

ALIVE zombie drama is a good example; they struggle to stay alive together, and they care very much for each other, and fought together in a very caring way. There was no romance but they didn’t at any moment give viewers ideas that romance was in the making, like they did in [Happiness] drama. If any of them dies, so far we haven’t seen that kiss professing their love for each other, and the last thing I saw was that he is infected and is a matter of time before he’s gone into zombieland Ughhhhhhh…:tired_face:

I hate/hate even more that the poor child is most of the time by herself with no TV or phone. I see that as a very cruel thing to do to that poor child when she could have been with her mom . They should have let the little girl leave with the Lieutenant in charge because after all, her role in there is just to keep them separated in the bedroom, which serves no purpose there since they could have kept them apart many other ways. They are so clueless.

I want to make it clear that is not that I WANT/mandate romance in this drama since I know this is a suspense, thriller drama, but I do want for things to start making sense already, and if they had no Intention of following a romance story there, they should have never make that ridiculous part of them getting married’’ supposedly, to be able to live in a Luxury apartment. I’m sure that the end will be open ended mess with a second part that will never,ever will be filmed in any new future.

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OMG I feel the same way, my heart goes out to each one of them, for the waste of talent and waste of time they put them through. Although some delete scenes I couldn’t care less to watch bc it has no substance in the story. They want the hate for certain character’s to grow more but: Where’s the LOVE? Where is the middle ground in this story? Why give a child candy to take it away from them? Great looking couple, great chemistry but NO LOVE…(so far):cry:

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I cannot WAIT for the Ending of this TERRIFIC drama! Thanks to Park Hyung Sikkie
and Han Hyo-Joo for their Bad@#$ characters and to all the cast and crew - this has been a roller coaster of a GREAT drama - it has moved me from ROM-COM into wanting more ACTION- THRILLER - FANTASY - SCIFI. Sikkie picked the BEST drama to come out as his break out after service!!!

Just finished SEARCH and it was FABULOUS!



I also feel terrible for the poor little girl who is cooped up in this apartment, often alone, but if I remember correctly both of her parents are actually infected and being held in that ‘treatment’ center, so there’s not really anywhere for her to go. Life on the ‘outside’ likely wouldn’t be all that much better for her.


So its a lie the mother is well and only her Dad is infected?

I am becoming very suspicious as to why this Lieutenant is insisting on taking the child with him, when we haven’t even seen the little girl’s parents. I hope they don’t DARE to leave that poor child an orphan and ML/FL infected/dead. This writer is very insensitive because that child is left alone for too long at a time in that apartment. Someone need to be with her. If they both died when they went to fight zombies; the poor girl with all those clueless tenants would be left all alone in there. They too busy worrying about themselves.

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I could be wrong about the mom, but I was thinking she was one of the patients that the Lieutenant guy visited.

Also, we haven’t seen it on screen a whole lot, but it has been implied through small snippets that the older police officer spent most of his time in the apartment with the little girl, at least until recently when he started to take an interest in the praying and other events started to escalate that required more of his attention too.

I’m very excited/anxious to see how things go in the last two episodes. Will there actually be a cliffhanger? Will they somehow manage to wrap it all up in two episodes? What in the world is going to happen?


I read a second part series is on the making for happiness, so the ending will be the usual detestable ‘‘cliffhanger’’ until GOD knows when part 2 comes alone. They did that with ALIVE, SISYPHUS, KINGDOM 3 CHRONICLES OF ALTHARD? MEMORIES OF ALHAMBRA, AND VAGABOND. Years later no closure, no second or 4 part series near the horizon, and that’s very cruel thing to do to the viewers. If you have NTFX watch them or check them out REALLY good action packed with some cute romance, but no Closure in sight.

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Wow, so they’re really going to wrap this whole thing up in just two more episodes? That’s a little hard to believe, but I’ll reserve judgement until the end.


I find this very hard to believe but there are 2 Eps!!!


@shraddhasingh @my_happy_place

Maybe what they mean by doing that it won’t be done as soon as they did other dramas like with PENTHOUSE 1, 2 and 3.

They know if they don’t specify that we won’t see the second part soon enough, they’ll never hear the end of it from the viewers in general. I always give them a lethany every chance I have when I give them feedback about waiting so long for second, third or four part in some dramas I love.

I have no hope for memories of alhambra bc PSH is pregnant now, and if they change her as FL, it will be so useless. She was a great piece of art in that drama. IT’S HER, and no one else can replace her, nor Suzy Bae and Lee Seung Gi can be replaced in VAGABOND. They are a MUST in there. Without them in the drama, I will definitely never/ever watch it.

my_happy_place going to wrap this whole thing up in just two more episodes? That’s a little hard to believe

Very hard to believe indeed bc I saw is a 12 episode drama, so we have those 2 episodes that have so many things hanging in there, right? Unless they are planning on killing everyone there, and I swear the writer and Dir/Prod will go into my BLACK LIST where I’ll never see anything they write, produce or Direct etc…I’m deadly serious…

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If this(sad ending) is true I will be disappointed a lot.

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