Heart-wrenching, gut-splitting, motivational & other memorable drama quotes


OMGosh, I’m dying. I can’t wait to get there!


There are a few I’ve noted down.

Flower of Evil Ep 2 - Gong Mi Ja to Hee Sung after giving a customer her prescription.
“I like it when others are unhappy. If I can’t be like others, I want others to become like me.” -

Quaranthings Ep 3 - Juda’s thoughts after Rocky talking about his mom
“It turns out, you’re pretty troubled and broken too. And just like everyone else, you’re just trying to piece yourself back together.”

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Ep 2 - Korn’s mom & dad to Korn
“Life isn’t so fair for all of us. Some spend their whole lives on unpaved roads, while some run at full speed only to reach the edge of a cliff. Got That?” - Chief Hong to Yoon Hye Jin

Together with Me: The Next Chapter Ep 2 -
Mom: No matter how much you don’t like how he is, you have no right to hit him like that
Dad: Why can’t I, he’s my son too. I’m the one who brought him up.
Mom: That’s every parent’s duty, you can’t say this to ask for a debt of gratitude.


I seriously love these writers.

ML does the usual noble idiocy in order to protect her… later they have a conversation and ML apologizes for lying to her

ML: I didn’t know what the villains were planning. I don’t care about what they do to me. But you’re my weakness.

FL: “I don’t want to be your weakness. I want to be your armour.”


hmmmm second lead syndrome?


This is my kind of thread. I have a whole Google Docs full of quotes.
I remember watching Just between lovers and this quote stuck with me.

“Just because the sound of your cries is louder, doesn’t mean your pain is greater.”





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(Note: I’m not sure about the exact wording of this quote, but it’s something like the following.)
Drama: Descendants of the Sun

Mo Yeon: I just want to talk about little things, like how I couldn’t decide what to eat for lunch or something parked their car wrong in the lot at work.

Shi Jin: Then say those things, because every word from you is important to me.

Mo Yeon: But I cannot say those things to someone who blocks a bullet with his body.


While You Were Sleeping
FL: You said you didn’t like it when I said I supported you because it sounds like a threat, right? Because you think I’ll be disappointed if you fail? I won’t be disappointed. If you win, I’m thankful that you did. And if you don’t, I’m thankful that you tried. Why would I be disappointed?

So… don’t say you don’t want my support. Fighting~

Later, ML’s voice over: “She’s someone who will tell me it’s okay whether or not i pull through. But even so, I find myself wanting to pull through. Thank you.”


“In this world, you can be afraid of anything. I will always be right beside you, but you can not be afraid of me. Do you understand? Especially my feelings for you. Be brave about it.”

Win, Until We Meet Again


“A home is not a place for reason. A home is a place for sentiment.”
-Only Side By Side With You


Well this quote was memorable for a different reason. Sometimes I still hear it in my mind, because I had to rewind it back and read it again to make sure that I read it correctly.

I don’t remember what it was exactly, but when someone asked the dad why he allowed his daughter do all the bad stuff that she did, he said:

“She must have been my lover in my previous life.” As in, he owes he that.

WHAT? :flushed::flushed::flushed:

I don’t even want to think about this quote anymore :sob:


That sounds like one of those ancient sayings that ppl would not like to hear in modern times.


It was in a modern day drama :sob:
Yes, it was so weird. I literally had to pause to process it.

This was a couple of months ago, so I don’t remember which drama it was exactly.
It might be a Taiwanese one or from Mainland China :see_no_evil:.


It’s disturbing.
I prefer the one I heard in a drama a long time ago, “Parents and children where enemies in a past life.”
I also heard the same thing for married couples, :grin:


Lately, I have liked the lines said by Sung Deok Im (Lee Se Young) in The Red Sleeve, Episode 11.

The Crown Prince is precious to me. But it’s more important to take care of myself. So I will never, ever let myself suffer great pains. It’s better to have nothing if you can’t have it all to yourself.


Loved that line too!

The angst is so frustrating. Sometimes I just want her to give in but she’s so strong minded, I admire her.


Oh yeah, much better quote :laughing:


There was a line in the cdrama, My Sunshine that I think about from time to time.

When ml suddenly asks fl to marry him… FL was stunned but she agrees and says,

“if I’m destined to be your wife in the future, why not take on the role now”

The way she said was so smooth.

Their backstory was that they dated in Uni and were e.o. first love but had a terrible misunderstanding. They broke up without really having a breakup.


My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

  • not gut wrenching but it is memorable and cute :heart_eyes:

Do Kyung Seok: “From now on, don’t drink more than three glasses if I’m not around.”
Mi Rae: “What?”
Do Kyung Seok: “I don’t want any other guy carrying you.”