Heart-wrenching, gut-splitting, motivational & other memorable drama quotes


Heart-wrenching, gut-splitting, motivational & other memorable drama quotes
365 Days: The calendar project

Hi guys, this isn’t an original topic by any means, but I’m wondering if you guys have any memorable drama quotes. There are a few older topics I might plunder later, but since there have been new dramas since then and all…

I just had a spur of the moment kind of idea, and I thought I’d give it a try. I was looking through desk calendars and I saw some daily flip calendars with quotes and stuff. And I decided, right now, that I want one with drama quotes. As for what year this calendar would come to fruition, if ever, who knows XD

It’d be a plus if you had the episode number for the quote as well, but no big deal either way.

Thanks in advance to any posters :blush:


“They say that Gods, because they can’t be everywhere, created mothers.”

Reply 1988, episode 5

Senior Quote Ideas?

“Being single is a sad paradise, and marriage is a happy hell.”
Second to last love (I forgot which episode sorry).
I liked a lot of quotes from different Dramas but I didn’t note any, except this one.


Devils too: they created k-drama mothers.


Lol! Yeah, the evil future mother-in-laws :smile:


I’m going to keep telling you, so listen good every day. I love you. - You’re Beautiful

If you’re going to cry in front about me about a different man, stop being so pretty. - My Girl


In SEGA (Secret Garden):

  • Since when are you so pretty?
  • Is that all you’ve got / or you can .
  • It’s not because I love you, iIt’s because I only love you.
    If it’s not you, then I won’t have anyone else. You are an amazing woman.


:grinning: Yay I have a lot. I will do them first hahahah


Super cheesy xd I didn’t write down my fav drama quotes when I was watching but last time I watched, I noted down :

This one reminds me of a book I read meaning that a king can rule only if he has subjects, without them, what can he be ?


“If I’m going to combust, I want to be a brilliant firework, not an everlasting mosquito-repelling incense stick” - Zheng Xiao’en. Lost Romance :sob::sob:


"Right now, I am an invincible cockroach." - Nuan Nuan, My Love Enlighten Me
Ahhh these FLs are so relatable :joy:


“Right now, al you can do is resolve yourself. To trust that your child will get up again even if they fall down. More than loving them, it’s harder to trust.”" - FL’s grandma, Kahogo no Kahoku


“Why did you do it? Why? How could you do that with him? How could you?”
“You’re Ji Seok’s mother. You’re his mom.”
“As soon as you cheated on me with that b@stard, you pronounced me dead. Because you thought it was okay for me to be treated that way.
“That was you saying I’m worthless and that I should just d!e.” - My Mister/My Ahjussi (ML to his wife)

I cried so much for this scene. It was one of the most heartbreaking “breakup” scenes ever done. This drama really opened up my eyes to relationships with friends/family/colleagues.

🐿️ Squirrel! ʘ‿ʘ You Call It, We Watch It!

Those are powerful words!


If you’re ever wanting a deep meaningful drama, My Mister, is great. It’s so underrated. I think about those words the ml said and it breaks my heart like I was the one abused.


Is this what you guys are talking about? I have it on my watchlist. Hmmmm. . . sometimes it takes someone calling :chipmunk: squirrel :chipmunk: I’ve been in a C- drama phase. . .


@leerla73 That’s the one. :+1:t3: I highly recommend.


Okay, Once I wrap up “Miss The Dragon” I’ll see if I can get into it, @vivi_1485, @kdrama2020ali, and other tissue grabbing K-Addicts :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: this drama might be too heavy for you, even though it’s got IU, and one of your hotties :wink::joy: If you’ve already watched then, Whew! :sweat_smile:


One Spring Night

fl: Am I a hassle to you? Am I annoying?

ml: Yes, you are. You shouldn’t have come here. Why did you come? We should just go back to being strangers. What do you expect me to do if you show up now-

*fl puts her hand over his mouth. :speak_no_evil:


OHMYGOODNESS the writers of Fall in Love are reallllllllllly good! :sob:

WARNING: These can be taken as spoilers

SML punches ML after he finds out ML is in love with SML’s childhood sweetheart

ML: “I won’t hit you back. It’s not because I’m in the wrong. But I’m telling you… In this lifetime, you can only be her elder brother. Because your family owes her an elder brother.” :sob::sob: [Episode 21 - 29:12]

Ep 21 - 36:50
SML: “Do you really love her?”
ML: “Yes”
SML: “How much?”
ML: “I wasn’t afraid of anything… until I met her. Now I know. I’m afraid I’ll die and she’ll be heartbroken. I’m afraid I’ll lose[the political war]. And I’m afraid I won’t be able to make her happy.”

IK it’s only understandable in context, but I really wanted to bookmark it.