Heart-wrenching, gut-splitting, motivational & other memorable drama quotes


Heart-wrenching, gut-splitting, motivational & other memorable drama quotes
365 Days: The calendar project

Hi guys, this isn’t an original topic by any means, but I’m wondering if you guys have any memorable drama quotes. There are a few older topics I might plunder later, but since there have been new dramas since then and all…

I just had a spur of the moment kind of idea, and I thought I’d give it a try. I was looking through desk calendars and I saw some daily flip calendars with quotes and stuff. And I decided, right now, that I want one with drama quotes. As for what year this calendar would come to fruition, if ever, who knows XD

It’d be a plus if you had the episode number for the quote as well, but no big deal either way.

Thanks in advance to any posters :blush:


“They say that Gods, because they can’t be everywhere, created mothers.”

Reply 1988, episode 5


“Being single is a sad paradise, and marriage is a happy hell.”
Second to last love (I forgot which episode sorry).
I liked a lot of quotes from different Dramas but I didn’t note any, except this one.


Devils too: they created k-drama mothers.


Lol! Yeah, the evil future mother-in-laws :smile:


I’m going to keep telling you, so listen good every day. I love you. - You’re Beautiful

If you’re going to cry in front about me about a different man, stop being so pretty. - My Girl


In SEGA (Secret Garden):

  • Since when are you so pretty?
  • Is that all you’ve got / or you can .
  • It’s not because I love you, iIt’s because I only love you.
    If it’s not you, then I won’t have anyone else. You are an amazing woman.


:grinning: Yay I have a lot. I will do them first hahahah


Super cheesy xd I didn’t write down my fav drama quotes when I was watching but last time I watched, I noted down :

This one reminds me of a book I read meaning that a king can rule only if he has subjects, without them, what can he be ?


some top quotes are also available here which I search for a very long time and hopefully, all of you will like it. thanks
family quotes


i like it very much.
see you soon.