Heirs is not available in US!

Aww man. I’ve heard so many good things about this show. Now that I have a Viki plus I’ve been dying to watch it. I’m located in the US, and it’s not available on here? I have to find some other place online to watch it for free…


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I’m not sure where you heard such things, but Yeah, it’s a shame you can’t watch. I wish I could un-watch, though. :sweat_smile:

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It was fun. Except for the kisses (Park Shin Hye ruined them all), and Lee Min Ho’s fuchsia lipstick.
And I adored the main song. Everyone in the timed comments kept writing
“Love is the momeeeeent” in all other shows for the next six months, and we all knew what we meant.

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You don’t think it was good?

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Lee Min Ho wore lipstick? gross.

He always does. It was really distracting. And he’s not the only one.
Look at this post I made.

Having watched You’re Beautiful and Flower Boys Next Door and even Heartstring, I actually had high hopes for this one. The hyped it received was also out of this world. Another romcom with the King and Queen of Romance themselves.
Sadly, it did a lot of things wrong. The first episodes take place in the United States. No, just No. That’s Hollywood territory, plus I wanted to watch a Korean drama. The end result was something akin to a cheap VHS video, with this weird museum-like glass mansion and some touristy places thrown in for good measure. Clearly, the whole point was to show off that the rich can go anywhere in the world and still live well, while the poor are universally so. Actually, that’s the whole plot: Stupidly poor girl meets arrogantly handsome rich-boy. Then Kim Woo-bin oppa shows up. What ensues is pure chaos and comedy. He’s the only reason why I stayed until the very end.
“Thank you, oppa. I hope you get well soon!” :heart::heart::heart:

OMG I didn’t even know they wore lipstick! I thought those were their natural lip color. I wonder what the pictures will look like without lipstick?

^^ just like normal peoples lips: less shiny and less popping colors
also Minhyuk had waaaay to much make up on him in Heirs not just lips but over all. It is so obvious sometimes. I don’t regret watching it, but really the story is kinda flat and cliché cinderella story.
You could also try using VPN with Europe IP to watch it on viki.

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I will try that. Thanks! :blush: