HELP NEEDED for 'The White Line'

Hello Viki community, I’m the channel manager for the Colombian telenovela ‘The White Line.’
I know most of you are here for the awesomely addictive K-Dramas, but in order to be able to help with those projects, you will most likely be asked for a QC status~
You can earn a QC status by:

  • subtitiling at least 3,000 sentences or completing 2,000 segments or
  • getting nominated by a Channel Manager or Moderator

Once you complete the requirements above, then–BAM you’re a QC!^ ^
If you choose to help me, please send me a PM BEFORE YOU START!
[but first, make sure the videos are available in your region by clicking on the link below!]
Thanks, and enjoy Viki as much as I do! :slight_smile:

fatima, I can help you with the subs

anyone else interested in subbing this drama ? is a good drama , if you are contact the channel manager

I applied for QC status several days ago, but I still haven’t heard anything back yet. Do you know how a channel manager or moderator nominates someone? I asked for a nomination, but they don’t know how to do it.