Help: Searching For Collections

Is there a way to search for certain collections? The main search option searches only for shows/movies/celebrities…

You just have to look at the main page :slight_smile:

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so there’s no actual way to search? :slightly_frowning_face:

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Hey @vivi_1485, the short answer is not at the moment.

A quick tip (lutra also mentioned this on the other thread!) would be to type your topic of interest + “viki” + “collection” in a search engine and you should be able to find some. :slight_smile: Not the best experience of course, but keep staying tuned!

Any types of collections you are interested or looking for? The village might be able to help! :raising_hand_woman:


oh okay then, thanks, I’ll try that!:grin: Nothing much, I was just looking for a collection of heist dramas/movies because I was too lazy to create one…I did create one now but I haven’t watched most of them so I can’t write notes for them :grimacing: