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I am not sure about the translation of this sentence.


English translation provided:
Some of the cats that were covered in excrement hadn’t been treated in so long, that their eyes had melted into their sockets.


The background:
A woman who collected stray cats at her house, but didn’t take care of them properly, leaving them malnourished.

Is the English translation accurate? The Korean version is a description of the disease or is it the name of the disease?
Is there a current cat pathology like this?

I found 1 lead about a pathology that would fit the description, but it’s a big guess, never had a cat.

  • “melting keratitis” (also called ulcerative keratitis, keratomalacia, a corneal ulcer).

“Ulcerative keratitis is an open sore type of wound in the cat’s cornea, the clear layer of the eye through which light enters. When a cat has a corneal ulcer, the affected eye will appear cloudy. Other signs include redness, squinting, pain, and occasional discharge.”

Other link (warning, pictures)
Other link 2 (warning, pictures)

“The corneal stroma becomes gelatinous and liquefied.”

Thanks for any help!

The translation is correct and it’s the description of the poor cat’s condition, not the name of the disease. It simply says that their eyeballs have melted. It doesn’t specifically say that eyes melted into their sockets, but I guess it’s assumed.


Thank you so much for your help!!! I guess I will put a translation note, hoping it’s the correct disease :sweat_smile:


I don’t see any simmilar thread so I decided to post it here, hope it won’t be a problem…

So I recently saw a frase (binge editing :D): “to be in the middle” and literally translation sounds kinda bad in my language. I tried to find something about it on the internet, but apparently people don’t use it often or at least not officially.
I guess it means something like being in the position that is neither good or bad? Once it’s used as a good thing and the next time as bad.
Maybe I’m just stupid, who knows, but before I make a mistake I wanted to ask you, if you can help me and explain what do you think that is about.

If you want a reference on where this sub is:
A-TEEN episode 9


I guess a link would help for those who could help you out.



You might be referring to the idiom “sitting on the fence”. - To be neutral and not be taking a side/point of view.

And in my opinion it is really where a person is not truly neutral but avoiding or unable to state their opinion/ side/point of view. And to others this can be seen as positive or negative. ie Waiting for the other party to show how they could convince you to take their side/point of view or be seen as they are not taking your side/point of view but just don’t want to say so.


She’s treated as the middle child, or a third wheel, who never gets the attention as the firstborn, or the baby of the family. Subsequently, she immediately recognizes the same treatment from her two girlfriends. The fact that both girlfriends like the same boy. Both girlfriends has something in common to thrash out between them, since they are liking the same person secretly, and know it. . .

A third wheel is someone who is unnecessary to a >group and is tagging along . In this case, the group >usually consists of a couple and the third, superfluous >person. The term third wheel is a misrepresentation of >the term fifth wheel, as fifth wheel does not refer to >any particular number of people in a group.
“Fifth wheel vs third wheel Idiom Definition – >Grammarist”>wheel-vs-third-wheel/

I love the way @ajumma2 explains it all below in her post, it’s on point!

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가만히 있으면 중간이라도 간다.

가만히 있으면 (Gah-man-hee It-seu-myun - If you stay still, meaning “If you don’t do anything”)
중간이라도 간다 (Joonggan Ee-rah-do Ganda - At least you will stay “in the middle” or average, meaning you won’t look so stupid)

It’s an expression used when someone says/does something stupid which makes himself/herself look bad. So you say this phrase to tell them not to do anything. That way, you may not have succeeded or looked great or done something good, but at least you would not have failed miserably or looked stupid or fall below average.


Thank you all, that did help me a lot! <3
I think it will be easier for me now to think about fitting expression in my language