Help with Dutch pronounciation of a couple of words

I am writing a play about van Gogh. I’d like to know how you pronounce the nouns of two women:
one is Kee Vos. So “Kee” is pronounced (for an English person) Keheh? As we would in Italian? Or like the English noun “Kay”?
And what about Sien? Is it pronounced like the English verb “seen” or like “see-ehn”?
My brother!” should it be written and pronounced as I found in Google translate? I usually don’t trust it, but it’s a simple sentence so I hope they got it right!
They have “Mijn broer!” and here is the pronounciation!
I need the pronounciation to teach it to the actor who will play Teo, and will say that sentence when Vincent dies.

Thank you for any replies!

Yes for Kee it’s like the “kay” part in okay and yes Sien is like Seen.
My brother -> Mijn broer
In all cases you can listen to the audio Google Translate provided… it’s accurate.


hartelijk dank voor uw hulp?

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Graag gedaan :wink:

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