Hindi Subbers & Editors

Hello guys,

I am looking for हिन्दी Subbers and हिन्दी editors.

Subbing will be done in हिन्दी script.

Editing will be done in 2 phases: Both by different editors.
1st spelling corrections,
2nd grammar & structural correction.

Subbing Series:

  1. From Now On, Showtime! 🧙‍♀ जादू की जादूगरी :crystal_ball: टीम
  2. All That We Loved :hugs: जो प्यारा हमें :hugs: टीम
  3. HIStory 5: Love In The Future

Editing Series:
From Now On, Showtime!
All That We Loved
HIStory 5: Love In The Future
School 2021

DM me if you are interested in any of the editing phase, or subbing role. References will be appreciated as well.

Happy Subbing!

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Ciao, I’m a retired Italian lady that worked in the biomedical field as engineer. I love to face new challenges and at the beginning of 2024 I discovered Kdramas. I started watching them and now I’m a subber in two series, moreover I started the Ninja Academy…
I have a lot of free time being retired and I will be grateful to join your team.
My ID is @pasilvia_188 (silvia)

Looking forward to hearing from you, I give you a big ciao

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Hi Silvia,

Thanks for showing interest in this! However, I would like to know, do you sub in Hindi? Devanagari Script?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but, it seems that you are looking for English subbing opportunity.

If you can sub in हिन्दी Devanagari script, please DM me, or if you want to connect for any other language, feel free to contact the channel manager of drama. They will guide you suitably.

Happy Subbing!

Sorry, for sure I won’t be able to translate into indi or other similar languages… I didn’t read well your request.
I really appreciate your kindly reply
Have a nice day

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hi i am student who likes to watch kdrama i started watching from 2018 i want to sub for you my first series was suspicious partner i am having free time as i am taking a break from school my id ambadypallavikannan
pallavikannan ambady

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I’ll be happy to add you in my team! DM me, introduce yourself in हिन्दी and let me know which drama you wish to work on.

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Hi there! I am new here and would like to try subbing as I am on vacations. I know Hindi and can type in it. This will be my first time so kindly guide me through with the process.


I’ll be happy to add you in my team! DM me, introduce yourself in हिन्दी.

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मेरा नाम नवृति है, और मैं हिंदी में अनुवाद करने में सक्षम हूँ।
यहाँ पर नई हूँ, किंतु टाइपिंग ठीक कर लेती हूँ।

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I will be glad to add you to the team! I have sent you message.

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