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How do you guys write these names – “Hyuk”, “Chun”, “Han”, “Yun”, “Jeong”, “Jung”, “Seung”, “Dong” “Man”, “Gyu” “Gwon”,“Hyun”??


Before you decide how to transliterate in Hindi, it would help to keep in mind the real pronounciation in Korean. And to do that, you’d have to romanize them all consistently, not some in the old style and some in the new style (Revised Romanization, official in S. Korea since 2000). In your example, you have Jung and Jeong which are both the same name, and the correct Revised Romanization is Jeong.
So they would be:
Hyeok, Cheon, Han, Yeon, Jeong, Seung, Dong, Man, Gyu, Gwon Hyeon.
Where the “eo” (어 in Hangul) is an open O (let’s say halfway between O and A).

More about RR here: