HIStory 5: Close To You -- uplifting comment ❤

Hello @a_hauth_238, @stariz, @worthyromance, @honeybuns, @damiechan, @mirjam_465, @pandali_666, @bzbz888

I was just reading through Comments for History 5: Close To You and saw the below contribution from @Herbal_magic. I thought that you might like to know about it. While most people don’t understand how segmenting, translating and editing go hand in hand to create smoothly flowing and easily understood subtitles, it always makes me feel good to be part of a team that is appreciated by viewers. I’m passing the comment on so that you can share in the feeling :slight_smile:



Thank you for sharing this! :blush:


Hi @worthyromance :slight_smile:

You led us all along and polished the final product. It’s not too often that viewers notice these things. I think that this makes it all the more special when they do. I seem to recall that you once said to me that if subtitles are good, people won’t even be aware of them because everything will flow so smoothly. That thought has stayed with me and is what drives all the subs I create these days.