History around the world


Hello, I wanted to open a discuss for fellow history enthusiasts that would love to share knowledge.

As the title says: History around the world, every topic in that genre is welcome.

→ Lets treat history carefully and with the respect that it deserves

→ Try to keep an open mind for different point of view

→ Try to make sure, your knowledge is based on a reliable source in order to avoid unintentionally cause any offence.


What kind of history? Personal? like how my grandfather from Spain married my grandmother from Puerto Rico? Or Something like that I learned in my History class that the Indians didn’t eat the animals but they ate the ppl from other tribes? They were cannibals.


This topic was started from this


Animals don’t deserve to be eaten. People… Well… :sweat_smile:


Do you mean native American Indians or that there was a particular tribe indigenous to Puerto Rico?

I hope your history teacher didn’t teach it in a way that made it out that all native American Indians dined on humans like they were in the local Buffalo Rib Shack. It was only a small number of tribes and even then was only in rituals to show their victory over their enemies by literally eating certain parts of the enemy to symbolise that everything about you belongs to me now. On top of that no bragging rights unless you won the battle in the first place.


all righty now!! so glad you started this. we can touch lightly on personal history, cause this genealogy nut can wreck havoc!!! so lets kinda keep it to the countries and their history, sure lets find out the ancestors history, Marie Antonette? the impailer, the dragoln king, Marco polo, Gengus Kahn, and btw does he have any ancestors? I’d like to know more about the different countries, theres mysteries, I would like to know, find out about, not just ancestors, so many things that weren’t discussed in our historyt lessons! so many things to learn and uncover, like a did you know?

Faywartune_545 ya did great! hope people will participate!!

as for the Indians, they ate more wild animals not people. , buffalo for one.


I hope I’m not going off topic here, but I found this article and want to share it with u guys.

By John Noble Wilford

Scientists have found what they say is the first direct evidence of cannibalism among prehistoric Indians in the American Southwest, belying the image of these people as steadfastly peaceful farmers.

[The finding may well reignite a long-smoldering controversy over whether ancestral Indians ever made it a practice to eat human flesh, a conclusion deeply resented by their descendants]

The latest evidence sprang from the site of an ancient Anasazi settlement near Mesa Verde in southwestern Colorado, where archaeologists came upon butchered human bones and stone cutting tools stained with human blood. A ceramic cooking pot held residues of human tissues. But the most telling of the evidence was found in human feces: biochemical tests revealed clear traces of digested human muscle protein in the dried coprolite, or fossilized prehistoric feces.

‘‘Analysis of the coprolite and associated remains at last provides definitive evidence for sporadic cannibalism in the Southwest,’’ Dr. Brian R. Billman, an archaeologist at the University of North Carolina, said yesterday in an announcement of the discovery.


and I don’t recall that in history. interesting!!


No, it so happens that I first time I heard about this was when I was taking a Biblical Theology courses, and when I went back to College I asked my History Professor if it was true, and he was a joker and told me ‘‘they especially loved to eat the babies/toddlers bc the meat was tastier.’’ I decided to look into it, and didn’t find too much about it, but I did found some very vague articles here and there.I just mentioned this bc I saw Abbot and Costello and they end up in an Island and the Indian tribe wants to eat them, and it was such a hilarious show.

NO intention to offend the Native American Indian or accuse them of cannibalism. In reference to the Indian Cacique from Puerto Rico the history I remember about them was that the Spaniards committed atrocities against them and the poor things believed they were immortal GODS and put up with the abuse out of fear but…excerpt from Wikipedia.

According to the story, Salcedo a Spaniard soldier, died in 1511, during a trip to Puerto Rico when Taínos, under the command of Agüeybaná II (brother of the great Taino Cacique Agüeybaná) and the Cacique of Añasco, Urayoán, drowned him in the Río Grande de Añasco because they wanted to confirm if he was really immortal.


Wow the section blew up whilst I was managing my Kingdom!!!

Thats very interesting about the Indians, I didn’t even knew that.

Thanks ninja for linking the source why this discus come to idea.

And yes everything thats related to History is welcome to be discussed that was my idea, since history is a huge subject and its hard to narrow it down to one object of interest if this makes any sense,

Just stay fair, no racism, thats all.


I am not aware if you’re talking about American Indians or Indian Indians.
But I am actually hurt a little bit, no, I am hurt a lot because out of my 17 years living in India, I have seen people who eat animals but never ever I have seen a single person or even any article on people eating people.
IDK where you got to know this from!
Or maybe, you should just clearly mention which Indians you’re referring to~


Im not sure how much biased this is but in India seem actually really a think like that called aghori but since you are from India we have a source to verify the reality


I mean no offence with the video I posted :3

maybe this discus was a bad idea…I dont want people to get hurt.



I am not aware if you’re talking about American Indians or Indian Indians.
But I am actually hurt a little bit, no, I am hurt a lot because out of my 17 years living in India, I have seen people who eat animals but never ever I have seen a single person or even any article on people eating people.
IDK where you got to know this from!
Or maybe, you should just clearly mention which Indians you’re referring to~

READ the rest of the stuff I wrote in here, and it will clear any doubts you may have. I wasn’t talking about the Hindu people from India if that’s where you from.


Wasn’t trying to defend the native American Indians as such but figured it was probably something like this had occurred

I’ve never really been that interested in native American Indian history and culture but absolutely fascinated by the Maya, Inca, Aztec history and architecture, so the less said about the ‘Spanish incident’ the better, but hey, it is history after all and that’s the way it went for those civilisations.


oh my goodness, see? we apologize greatly!

ok here’s one on my USA history, people in about 1840 or so traveled in covered wagons, heading west on the Organ trail, they wanted to get where they were going before it snowed, which they didn’t, the story is these people were starving in the cold, not much shelter, anyway they started eating people that died, for them to survive,

and what was so weird they were like 60 or so miles from a settlement, or fort, sorry I forgot which. also just to ease you, I also am a descendent of American Indians, none of us want to offend anyone, ok? please don’t, let it upset you.

lets keep this clean,

if anything offends, please its not our intention!! we are here to learn history!! and I am one that does want to learn!! the good bad and ugly!

now that’s over, tell us, kaorikazehaya, something in your history! what caused the boar war? was the tea war there? what about some ancient discoveries of your country? can’t wait to hear! do you folks do your family trees? ok so the genealogist came out!!

this discussion faywartune is NOT a bad idea, we can get to learn about other people and countries!!

and help me with my genealogy endeavors!! so come on y’all lets do this, ok?

oh Ninja, where did the American Indians come from? Bering strait, south america< or Atlantis? speculations, for sure!
we can pop back to India, where did they originally come from? look at the map,
so they could have come from Atlantis too, so speculations from youtube, so don’t blame me.

even the Japanese, Korean Chinese, and the other countries nearby them, there’s a land called Lemuria, and not much is said about it. and so much more fact or fantasy!

ok I said enough and hope I have cleared some things up< now I have to watch the video.

and btw people, there has been more stories about cannabilism, we just havent heard about them.


I think when any people get sooooo hungry they will eat anything.


EVERYONE came from Pangaea :stuck_out_tongue:


ok, where is Pangaea, I have heard of it(I think) so where is it?


The one super continent that the world split from to date.