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Two Masked Men

Submitted by Facebook commenter Juan Crespo:

Riddle: A man leaves home on foot one evening, makes three left turns and arrives back home to find two masked men waiting there. Who are they?

[spoiler]Answer: The catcher and the umpire - the man has made a home run in a baseball game

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The Cabin

Submitted by Facebook commenter Matt Bishop:

Riddle: There is a cabin in the woods. There are no footprints around the cabin. There are seven people inside that are all dead. They all died at the same time. There is no one else in the cabin. How did the people die?

Answer: It’s an airplane cabin; the plane crashed in the woods.


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I could do more , but I think 2 is enough to get you started. heres the link if you a mind to look

I hope y’all enjoy these, hey our ancestors told these, way off the wall questions that stumped us. Do you know any historical weird ones??

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I don’t know if the "other side of the world had these. but its still interesting

THE Place for Military History News and Views https://www.warhistoryonline.com




‘Spider Web Tree’ Garners Attention with Unusual and Spindly Growth Pattern


KFC back in the day!
They tasted better too🤣

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I probably should have put this on the family tree link but thought this was good for History Buffs

“Breaker boys,” most 8–12, who worked 60-hour weeks breaking coal when child labor was permitted, 1911. Breaker boys were responsible for breaking up large pieces of coal into smaller ones and removing impurities with hand tools while sitting on a wooden bench in a room filled with coal dust.
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wow time does change!!

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