Hooray! Viki got My Roommate is a Gumiho!


Thought I was going to have to miss out on this drama that everyone is talking about because it was on a different app, but hooray!!! Thanks Viki!

My Roommate is a Gumiho | Rakuten Viki

Who is Watching "Doom At Your Service"?💜 DATE WITH DOOM!

I said the same thing when I saw it this morning!


I just finished watching the first episode… Have you been watching Doom at Your Service? Honestly, it’s like a funnier version of it so far ha :thinking::thinking::thinking:. Im actually kind of surprised how similar it is


Ι’m watching it “somewhere”. it’s beyond meh and bland. The male lead is expressionless, the female lead overacts big time, bulging eyes, grimaces and so on. Commenters on that site find her “funny” which makes one wonder. Her character as written is interesting, she has a strong personality and takes no nonsense from anyone. But that’s about it. And it is not believable that the male lead, who has been around for almost a thousand years, would fall for her because he’s never met anyone like her. How is that possible? The secondary characters are there for decoration, as usual, and they do the usual things that the lead’s friends always do.
It’s not worth your time, frankly.
(please do correct the typo in your title)


I think your eyes are hurting now! @irmar :grinning:


I think this drama is directed at the younger audience and yes I think there are better dramas made than this one. Also the FL is not my cup of tea…


The typo is here: “roommate”


Yeah I know


Just a thought: Why should anyone always spoil this series for those who enjoy it?
I don’t write in the “Doom” thread that it’s mainly about the looks, that the FL just can’t cry (terrible!) and what they want to fill 5 (!) more eps with now, either. (I do that in other threads, as you can see. And, btw, I do enjoy the looks, too.)
If it’s halfway well done, I also watch such series for relaxation. Sometimes rather than philosophically highly stylized series.


Deleting this…off topic


Yes, actually there are two:
roomate --> roommate
Guhimo --> Gumiho


Discussions are like that. Different people may have different opinions. Why is that a problem? Why does it make you unhappy?
Do you mean that if someone doesn’t like a series that you like, it spoils your pleasure in watching? How can anyone have such a power on your enjoyment? Isn’t that giving too much importance to them?


If the headline is “let’s celebrate” rather than “let’s discuss,” then I can restrain myself, yes.
Let everyone make up their own minds. If I have something to criticize, I try to remain reserved and factual. Whether I always succeed, I don’t know.


I like the FL, she surprised me by not being an idiot. It’s refreshing.
But I don’t like the ML. He’s the stereotypical character who’s supposed to be
quiet, cold and sexy but it’s a fail for me.

It’s not the best drama of the year but I still enjoy it. Some scenes are really funny and I find Hyeri so beautiful.


Actually I thought that the author would feel offended so I stayed quiet.


I don’t really feel like commenting two or three times on the same thing as others, but now I do.
I have met very few actors who can cry properly, but they do exist. The crying here was very artificial and put on for a highly praised actress.
You can write that, I think. But I wouldn’t indulge in speculation about why that might be. Things about which I can only speculate, but which I cannot know.


Ah yes. I typed this in excitement and haste which made me careless. Thanks for the correction, all!


Thematic similarities mainly. Non spoilers ahead I think.

  1. Handsome, cold, scary but not really Magical being longing to be human (revealed in the trailers)
  2. Non traditional girl with mortality hanging over her head (revealed in the trailers)
    2.5) girl who has a younger brother and a female guardian living abroad
  3. Random and quick necessity of living together
  4. Have to touch to save woman from pain

Those are just some of the oddly specific similarities I caught


I’m always a little wary when it comes to this ML actor. He was SML in Go Back Couple and boy did I get annoyed! I had no idea how all those thirteen-year-olds in the TCs kept saying they had second lead syndrome and how nice he was. He basically had no personality and even if he was supposed to have one, I felt he couldn’t show it well. I was Team Male Lead from start to end even when he acted like a jerk because I could still read his emotions and see why he was the way he was.

I’ll sit this one out till it ends and see if people’s opinions on the drama change.


I really like the ML as an actor. Search WWW is one of my favorite dramas of all time, and I thought he was great in Kill It.

In my eyes, I didn’t care how he acted in Go Back Couple. He wasn’t even a factor lol, ML all the way in that drama!

I think this Roommate is a Gumiho drama will be a nice, brainless watch for me. I know I’ll be entertained at the very least