Hooray! Viki got My Roommate is a Gumiho!


Even if many here find the movie really terrible: In “Sweet & Sour” he really acted, and he acted well.


Great! Tell me if it’s worth it when you’re done^^


angelight, keep on, it does get intyeresting


I agree Imar, y’all a wet blanket, yeah the guy is emotionless, and why?? and he trys to protect the girl and why??

Y’all told me not to be judgmental about just one drama with our favorite actor being a bad guy, so why are you being so judgmental with this one? the drama will get better to be sure. mystery afoot methinks

so come on guys find something good about this… my thing I want to give that lead guy a chance, I watched Kill it, and the ending was horrible, thats why I said what I said. He was great in kill it, I just hated that he had to die at the end. and yes this drama it drags, but I wanted to watch this, “faults & all” I wasn’t looking for Lord fox or the 9 tailed fox, and as for the girl getting the pearl or what ever, it was an accident…


Off topic…deleting this


Off-topic but I thought the ending was perfect! There was no way they could have been happy together after all the trauma, lying, and people he killed. He had to go lol.


I see what everyone is saying. We all have our drama preferences. I like to toggle back and forth between serious dramas and silly dramas. Overall, loving Gumiho. Had to stop because I caught up in one day ha! An easy view.

Personally I find myself not liking dramas that everyone likes and really enjoying dramas that people hate! I feel like like im blaspheming against kdrama world when I say I really did not enjoy Descendants of the Sun and Guardian The Great and Lonely God. It was some of the worst stuff ive ever seen ha. To each their own shrugs


I, for one, never said anything like that. I believe that each one of us has the right to like or dislike something and to freely say it. Then the others reading it, are of course also free to disregard that opinion.
And… It’s already episode 9 I watched today, so how long should we wait until we decide?
I usually give a drama 4 episodes to show how good it is. It’s just a rule of thumb. Yes, a drama may get a little bit better or a little bit worse as it develops. And sometimes they are good until episode 13 and suddenly get very bad (we’ve seen that a lot). But I think that 4 episodes is reasonable.


I’m with ya! on DOTS but Guardian is my #1 so everyone is different! I currently love Nevertheless and Love is Phantom but those 2 are getting roasted on MDL. I tend to go after the ones most people don’t care for - I think that it is like flavors of ice cream - everyone doesn’t like the same flavor! Makes the world go around.

How is Roommate is a Gumiho turning out??? Easy Fun Drama?? I hope


It is!! Its very colorful, visually pleasing, fun, and easy to watch


of course, I know he had to be killed, but gosh!!! so I guess I am one for the “underdog” the story was great, and at the ending, it just seems they could have ended it better is all. so maybe I was too strong “the ending was horrible” well my view point, just saying. there was no way out for him, I know that.

Irmar, you are so right, we all have our thoughts and all, and you are one that didn’t say anything about me, thank you for that. anyway, we do have the right to like or dislike something. I agree.

I couldnt watch descendents of the sun, to be sure it was an awesome drama, I responded somewhere else about that one.


I just left DOOM so now Watching My Roommate is a Gumiho @sa11

This is so CUTE and Funny! I love it so FAR! Lots of good dialogue and comedy - And the FOX is a Cutie pie! :green_heart:

I REALLY love this show!!!

@angelight313_168 Maybe give the show another chance?? You gave DOOM another Chance!


Yes! I had to stop watching because I caught up so quickly. Probably will binge watch and catch up again this weekend


Look at him Smile
Their chemistry is AWESOME



I tried twice already. I find them couple soooo boring, and when her mother goes to the guy’s house I was like…I can’t do this. lol

To be honest i never like the girl’s acting; if they had put him with the girl from [Kill It] I would have given it a chance. I feel they had great chemistry.


Ok - just checking! I love it so far! I’m on Eps 2

His smile is adorbs though


Here he is so much more lively than in the series, actually like in Sweet & Sour
Stupid director instructions (sorry)


I have seen him smile! Just last night in Eps 3 he smiled! But I guess as an older gumiho he is supposed to be more reserved!


I love the music!

And the Romance is so Beautiful! I love the comedy but starting to watch the love develop is really making my heart flutter!
@spaufler_89 I have seen him smile several times already and I love when his one eyebrow goes up he has the cutest expressions


it is good, but I am kinda losing interest, oh I will still watch this! just kinda dragging for me