Hooray! Viki got My Roommate is a Gumiho!


I’m on Eps 4 and I still LOVE It - HE IS SO DARN SWEET to her! (until he tries not to be) But I want someone to buy me ALL the dishes on the menu cuz they don’t know what I like!!! And when she got her period oh he was so SWEET!

The other guy - I don’t know if I like him or hate him

I loved the end of Eps 3 and replay Ep 4 beginning where he quoted the book to her - that was so romantic.



He is one Sexy Gumiho!

(I love a man with a gorgeous watch makes him even more :fire:)



I seriously binge watched this until 5 am. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! And Major crush on Jang Ki Yong!

He is something else! LOVE


Eps 12 - Dropped this morning - I am still loving this drama! The comedy and the couple is so sweet makes my teeth hurt but Jang Ji Yong is just the cutest thing on the planet - I love it!


btwww is it just me who is shipping the second male lead and the main girl more
cause for god’s sakes i can’t see more of unrequited second lead love


He is so sweet after his whole BET debacle. I so feel for him - I still want her with FOXY - but I’m mad at him for what he had to do to gain energy - he should have been more honest and now he has hurt her…is she gonna run into the arms of Subway boy!!!


They seem to be more at eye level because of their age and the fact that they are both human, lol. However, their interactions are kind of “forced upon them” since the Mountain Spirit connected their fates, especially on Dam’s side because she never showed any kind of romantic interest in him before.
Still, after acknowledging his mistake, Seon Woo turned out to be a very loveable character, so I always felt kind of bad for him. Bae In-hyuk’s chubby cheeks also make it kind of hard for me to hate him in any role, I guess. :smile:


this is exactly the reason I’m not watching the show :joy::sob:


Actually, Hyeri is 27 years old, one year younger than Jang Ki Yong and four (!) years older than Bae In Hyuk. But she plays a 22/23 years old student.


I love him I just want him to have happiness - he is so SWEET! Mr. Subway!

But I still love the Gumiho - Even though he MESSED UP BIG TIME


Yup, it’s kind of ironic. :smiley:


So our Gumiho is quite the kisser! Whoosh! No Dead fish kisses here!!!

@sa11 What did you think of the last few episodes - This was not Goblin quality to me per the storyline - But the story was sweet. The romance was steamy and ML was so ADORABLY HANDSOME! I thought the last little bit was a little drama cliché but they didn’t drag out their breakup or his disappearance so it turned out really sweet. Your Thoughts???


I absolutely enjoyed this drama. Super funny, light, and entertaining. It wouldn’t have fit if it got too tragic/ serious. I also loved the 2nd couple’s storyline. It was just so silly. Overall, solid drama!!