Hospital Playlist - discussion thread 😄

Finally! Season 2 of Hospital Playlist is here :clap::clap::clap:
So excited. I haven’t watched the first episode yet, since I promised to watch it with someone else.
Will watch it later today :blush:

Who else is watching this?


Tbh, I’ve never heard of it, but when I saw the title I thought maybe you were in hospital and asked us to recommend you songs to listen to during your stay there. :joy:


Hahaha grappig! :rofl:

I do recommend the drama though. I watched it last year and I absolutely love it. When I talk with friends about drama recommendation, this one pops up frequently with different people :smile:

If you like the reply series, you might want to check this one out.


So what is it about?

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A slice of life drama that’s about friendship.
5 best friends are doctors. They have a band together (they play for themselves).

You follow their lives and friendship. That’s basically it :laughing:


It’s #2 highest rated drama in all of mydramalist!!
I want to watch it… I heard the end of season 1 was kinda incomplete so I think I’ll wait for the whole of season 2 to air :heart_eyes: or should I just jump in?

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I was happy that I could watch the first season in one go. This time I’ll go episode by episode. It depends on what you like. Season 1 doesn’t have a conclusion no… I think they left that open on purpose so they could get a second season :laughing:

Idk, it depends on what you like and what your watching style is :smile:

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The storyline and actors are all very good. I also watch it for the music as well. Their rock version of Canon in D in the first season was great.:blush:


The series was intended to have 3 seasons from the get go. The cliffhangers at the end of season 1 were very much deliberate :smirk:They also made sure we get our fair dose of HP-related entertainment throughout this year of waiting. All as a master plan to get us hooked and ready for season 2.

Speaking of a year of waiting, I thought it was quite funny how they tried to explain Woo Joo’s growth. A growth spurt over the Christmas holidays :grin:But I like that they tackled the issue head on.

The working title for HP was actually Hospital Playbook, based on the previous series by the same scriptwriter-director duo, called Prison Playbook. I highly, highly recommend that comedy to everyone. Even those not into K-dramas. It’s amazing, but the title puts off a lot of people. Based on true events, too.

I thoroughly respect the fact that there is a team of real medical doctors and nurses present every day during filming, and for each department in the fictional hospital Yuljae (gynecology, neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, general surgery and pediatric surgery). I’m also so happy they took in gynecology, since this branch of medicine is never covered in series and movies.


I laughed so much at this. Very clever :rofl:

Agree. Such a great drama!

FIY, it’s recommended to re-watch season 1 if you haven’t watched it in a while :slight_smile:
They continue the story from the last episode of season 1.

Just saw episode 1 and I loved it! (Okay, I did hate the ending a tiny bit.) The cover done really well :blush:

Everything from here on out will be a spoiler :wink:

  1. Why am I getting a bad feeling about the new intern? The way she looked after she got “rejected” by AJW for buying coffee.

  2. Crushing OTPs right from episode one. I knew that Chae Songhwa was afraid of getting into a relationship with Lee Ikjoon, but still :sob: :sob: :sob:

  3. The car scene was absolutely hilarious (also PPL done right :laughing:). I literally screamed when he started ripping off the plastic. Haha, I’m one of those people :laughing: At least let her rip off the plastic herself…

  4. Absolutely love that they also focus on the residents. I really like GyeoWool and Minha.

  5. “Were you a pitcher?” Got me :laughing:, as well as the ‘What is Ahn Jeongwon doing in your body?’ bit.

  6. When AJW says that Kim Junwan’s girlfriend lives in London and Lee Ikjoon turns around like ‘what?’ :open_mouth::open_mouth::rofl::rofl: People are split on whether he knows and is pretending not to know or he actually doesn’t know.

  7. Minha got a cake from the chef… Will this come back later? :thinking: I hope Minha gets a happy story this season.

  8. Ahn Jeongwon and Gyeowool’s date was absolutely adorable.

Okay… I can keep going, but I’ll stop here :blush:


I think they just wanted to conclude that chapter and show how Ahn Jung Won is now a man dedicated to his woman :slight_smile:

Well, we do need a long-term, suspenseful love development for this season. It would be too boring with just Seok Hyeong and Jun Wan.

That… was absolutely hilarious!! I laughed so hard! Probably as much as I laughed in S1 when Song Hwa wrapped Ik Jun’s finger tips and he started to imitate frog sounds :joy::joy::joy:

I found true healing and comfort in their conversation about the former patient’s mother. Gyeo Wool is going to emotionally grow up into a fantastic doctor!


IKR? The conversation about the former patient’s mother was so good. I really felt genuine emotion from that. Like you said before, you can tell that they have an excellent team of experts helping them :blush:


Episode 2. Loved it!

Spoilers ahead.

  1. As soon as AJW and KJW got the creditcard, I knew LIJ would be in trouble, but his reaction to the whole thing was so funny!

  2. The strawberry eating scene was both funny and really wholesome at the end. OMO, so sweet!

  3. Hahah that scene with resident was also funny (ramyeon :laughing:). The way he crossed his arms and then distracted KJW to flee.

  4. Felt so bad for the couple who lost their baby, but I’m happy they went the realistic route. Must be very hard to grieve in that situation and the fact that YSH had a similar experience as them made it even sadder.

  5. Chae Song Hwa is awesome.

  6. They really drove home the “doctors are humans too” for me in this episode. LIJ getting mad at the drunkard (he is right for refusing to further treat him) and YSH getting more personal with his patient made it feel so real.

  7. " Bad things at times do happen to good people "
    Happy they included this quote. Have said this many times to people who’ve had bad things happen to them and they often feel like they are the cause of it or they deserved it somehow. No, sometimes it’s just bad luck. Nothing you could’ve done about it. Don’t blame yourself.

  8. Loved that YSH sang the song this time.

  9. I appreciate that they added the part about racism. I know a couple exchange students who’ve had quite a hard time dealing with racism here in Europe. It sucks and they often don’t know how to express themselves in those situations.


Yang Suk Hyung lost a child?!

Did they mention it in season 1? It’s been a long time since I watched it.

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Spoiler from S2E2


I don’t think it was mentioned in season 1. I have to re-watch it tbh.

It’s what I gathered from his conversation with his ex-wife and why he got so personal with the couple and the context from the episode. It makes sense if that’s the reason he doesn’t want to see her. He’s reminded of how he failed to respond in the way he wished he had.


I love watching these two comment on HP, they have a very calming dynamics. Here’s a translated video for episode 1


I’ve been wondering the same. He told his wife he was not there for her when she needed him. Must be referring to the time when he lost his sister.


tbh its a great drama that show real life, real life problems, friendship etc. the friendship is so cute and natural but yes romance is very low and i hope it be in the second season.
and i also hope the girl (in the friend group) falls in love with someone in the group cause yeah i love when they say ‘lets screw the friendship i wanna be more to you’


Actually this genre is somewhat odd I feel, wbu guys ??