Hospital Playlist - discussion thread 😄


By odd I say it doesn’t please one much, instead this feels like a SLICE OF LIFE .


someone did describe it as a “hospital slice-of-life documentary”… it has it’s own charms… I usually watch them over a loooong period of time :sweat_smile:


That conversation in the cafeteria was so cryptic. But I think you and feyfayer are on to something here. There must be a really huge reason why he’s so adverse to getting involved romantically again. Hmm…


I watched episode 3, but forgot to write down some of the points :sweat_smile:
Looking forward to episode 4 :smile:

  • I knew that the brother would be Looney (Prison playbook) :laughing:
  • The car scene where he said “no one saw us” and then all the residents did :rofl:
  • The marathon mothers :sob: I was happy for the one who got the surgery, but so sad for the mom who was left behind.
  • LIJ finding out that his friend saw him as a rival :laughing:

Anything you guys liked about episode 3? :smile:


Ep. 4: Ik Sun is lying!

Also, died of laughter when Ik Jun had to try really hard to guess the song because Song Hwa was signing it so badly! :joy::joy::joy:

And then thowse two mothers made me cry. Damn, there’s not a single episode where I don’t have to check that my tear ducts are still working.

Ik Jun knows! I can’t wait for the next episode


OMG, I cried so much. Those two really are scene-stealers. Both are great actresses.

And I agree. She must be lying!

hahah I also went… Is this Couple? Wth? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The face!

I should have waited till Wednesday to watch this episode :rofl: Waiting there with you :smile:


Episode 4


Loved the whole social media thing. OMO, felt so good at the end.

The whole tteokboki scene was also pretty amusing.

And I love the friendship between the parents.

Man, I do feel drained at the end of this episode, but this show is so good :smile:


Also, I loved this week’s song:

It was also on the Reply 1988 ost, which I now want to watch again.


This drama is so beautiful and uplifting. Even in the sad moments. Very interested to understand what is happening with Ik-sun, Ik-Jun, and Ju-wan. When Ik-jun was venting about Juwan’s girlfriend, I thought he somehow already knew and was giving Iksun hints about being better. Come to find out he did not know at that time. There’s no way Iksun could fall out of love. It must be to keep him at a distance, but her not mentioning se-gyong is a man is a bit… As for her being sick, it feels too sudden. Maybe she’s always been sick and that’s why Ik-jun does transplants for a living?


Y’all might want to try this Soompi quiz:
Which Hospital Playlist character is your BFF?

Even though I haven’t watched the drama, I’m happy I got Yoo Yeon Seok :joy: Loved him in Dr. Romantic!


What does it say for YYS?

This is what I got:


This is exactly the type of guy friends I have :joy: Just change “busy trying to help people” to “busy trying to appease their girlfriends” and you’ll have all my best friends’ characters in a nutshell.


Hahah we all got something different :laughing:



Let’s see if anyone gets Professor Yang :laughing:


Lol! “ruling the world” :joy:


So, it turns out that back in Season 1, in the 3rd episode where Ik Jun and Jun Wan mention for the first time that Ik Jun has a sister (and Jun Wan mixes Ik Sun’s name with the dog’s name Mikki), Ik Jun mentions Ik Sun had had a

She also has a large scar on her mid to lower abdomen. We see it after she had been in a car crash, with broken ribs and pneumothorax, and brought into the hospital for Jun Wan to examine her. Meaning she had been operated before.


Thanks for the info! I definitely didn’t rewatch S1 before S2 premiered (and probably should have).


Hahaha same, but didn’t have the time. I will watch S1 & S2 together when the season is over though :smile:


Episode 5


There was one little thing that did sorta annoy me about something in the episode, but I have to add that I sometimes did this myself too. When AJW kissed GW despite his allergy, I loudly said “noooooo!” Having the allergy myself and knowing the consequences made me react to this way more :laughing:

  • The scene where the husband went immediately to his wife was such a great moment in the episode!

  • Let me get this out of the way: the time skip. When it was happening, I thought- is this the present? Yeah, it is. Wait, no, is it a flashback? But her hair is short, so… Nope, it’s a TIMESKIP :hushed:
    Even the writers didn’t want to tackle 2020 and skipped right to 2021 :laughing:

  • Minha used her first try :laughing:. I do commend her for just saying it instead of keeping it bottled up.

  • The song was great :smile:

  • Peter’s cameo :rofl:. Seriously, how do they film this without laughing all of the time?

  • I loved CSH and YSH’s heart to heart. CSH’s style of summarizing and then giving her opinion is similar to mine :blush:. Also liked that mama Rosa straightened out YSH’s mom for being way too much.

  • When they welcomed CSH back, that was so delightful as well.

  • LIS reacting in the car just confirmed to me that she was lying and her reaction to when LIJ picked up his phone.

  • So is GW’s mom a victim of abuse? Guess we’ll have to wait and see. I liked how they handled the abuse case. If only it happened like this in real life at a higher rate than it does.