Hospital Playlist - discussion thread 😄

Episode 5
  • I was scared when Gyeo Wool was in the car and when she faced the violent husband. I kept thinking that something was going to happen to her in this episode. Thankfully I was wrong.:relieved:

  • I love Minha! I can’t wait to see her happy.

  • Seok Hyeong’s mother is so horrible! How could she be so mean to her daughter-in-law? And now she still want her son to remarry ? She still think that what she’s done was right… :triumph:

  • I loved that Ik Jun kept coming to see his sister, that was so cute :grinning:


Yeah, she was pretty horrible to her. I bet she thinks she was in the right though, since she did steal the ring
But still, that is no way to treat someone who is supposed to be your family now :expressionless:


Just thought it was cute to share :smile:



I have to admit Song Hwa’s singing still cracks me up :joy::joy::joy:

Does anyone know what this joke refers to?

@ajumma2, do you perhaps know? I’m so curious


I can’t remember exactly what they were talking about, but Ikjoon is spelling out 오아 using their faces (or open mouth) as the Korean letter ㅇ (it’s a silent consonant when used before a vowel) and he has ㅗ (Korean vowel for “oh” sound) on his hand. And by changing the position of the hand, the letter can change to ㅏ (Korean vowel for “ah” sound), ㅓ (“uh” sound), ㅜ (“ooh” sound), etc.

So if you use Songhwa’s face as ㅇ, combined with the ㅗ written on his right palm, it spells out as “오.” With the same logic, you can see “아” using IJ’s face and palm.

The subtitle says “Wow” so it should really be “우아 (Wooah),” not “오아 (Ohah),” so I need to take a look at it to see if he messed up the spelling or if it’s close enough to 우아 that they are just letting it go.

Do you have the episode and timing so I can look at it again?



I can’t quite remember what was happening, but I think Jeong Won and Song Hwa were talking about the successes of their Daddy-Long-Legs program. So Ik Jun tried to make everyone laugh by spelling out 와 (Wow) with his hands and mouth. But no one else finds his jokes funny except Song Hwa, so those 2 do it again together.


I tried to find it in episodes 5 and 6 and I couldn’t. Se weird. If I didn’t have screenshots of it, I would have thought I imagined it :grimacing:


It’s in episode 4 if I’m not mistaken. I didn’t check, but I remember it being in episode 4.


Now, this picture makes more sense with only IJ’s mouth shaping “ㅇ” with his hands spelling out ㅘ (combining his right hand ㅗ and his left hand ㅏ to form ㅘ) to make “와” which means “Wow.” So I guess in the first picture that bozoli shared, they are just combining both of their faces (mouths) together to make one “ㅇ” to make it into 와.


Thank you so much, @ajumma2 and @aaazmm! :blush:


This had me laughing :rofl:

Anyone else having trouble finding HP season 2 on Netflix? For some reason I can’t find it easily :frowning_face:


It’s not available for me on NX at all.


It is no available on my counntry yet, but I used a VPN to watch the first episode. It’s one of my favorite kdramas.


Yeah, it’s really weird right?
I thought I was going crazy…

Edit: I just checked. It’s back again :no_mouth:
Edit 2: Nope, gone again. Okay, this is just annoying :expressionless:


I was having the same problem when I was in another state (within USA) for some reason. But it showed up again when we got back home.


Let me see if I can remember some of the highlights of the past episodes :blush:

Episode 6:

  • When Junwan asked Jeongwon if he could move in with him when he marries GyeoWool, lol.
  • The interns experience… man, feel for them.
  • The oreo :laughing:
  • “It wasn’t me, it was Ikjun…”. Haha, poor guy. GyeoWool won’t believe him.

Episode 7:

  • Seokhyung’s mom… why?
  • So sad for Junwan. JKH is absolutely nailing his scenes.
  • The security guard’s story T.T
  • I think Minja is such a great character.

Episode 8
This has to be one of my favorite band-practices they have done and I’ve watched the ending way to many times :laughing:

  • JMD (Chae Songhwa) & KHS (Mama Rosa) were amazing in their scenes. Why all the mama’s hurting T.T.
  • Already shared the video, but the Malfoy thing was hilarious. As well as the fight.
  • And I’ve seen so many memes about Minha and Seokhyung. I still laugh at the scene. Him patting her pillow was so funny.


Episode 9

  • Love the shoutout to the ER staff. I’ve been to the ER a couple of times and these people work so hard. They probably don’t get all the love they deserve.
  • Also love the shoutout to the NICU nurses. Man, they carry babies all day. Must be hard on their arms. Must be hard for them when they see that a baby isn’t doing well.
  • Minha hugging Gyeowool was such an awww moment.
  • “I am old. I can’t do two different things in the same day.” Hahaha, such a mood (and so true).
  • I knew it! Ikjun had totally set up the situation from last episode.
  • Haha Minha just ignored the other professors and gave the icecream to prof Gomgom :laughing:
  • Iksun singing :open_mouth:
  • Junwan was so calm asking for an explanation. Kudos to him.
  • The rainscene was cute
  • The whole pingpong tournament with at the end the actually athlete, was pretty funny.
  • l love the interactions between Junwan and Jaehak.

Episode 10

Was Leather and chains the dresscode? :laughing:

  • What a relief. Iksun and Junwan finally met.
  • When Seokhyung asked Minha out, I was so happy, and then I immediately remembered that they’ve been implying that he might be going to the US. Will he actually go?
  • Gyeowool and Gaeul T.T
    1. It sucks that Gaeul’s relationship ended in part due to his dad and it sucks that in Korea people place a really big importance on what your parents do.
    2. Gyeowool must have felt really guilty. I’m happy Jeongwon comforted her and gave her space, but also gave them a chance to keep their relationship.
  • When I saw PD Na, I repeated that scene again, cause I was laughing so hard the first time. So funny to see him and hear the effects that they use in NJTTW :rofl:. Seriously enjoyed that scene more than I thought I would.
  • Was so happy for Jaehak and his wife when they found out they were pregnant, but as soon as she began to take about a lump, I knew that she would have cancer :sob:.
  • Seeing Junwan and Seokhyung bicker :laughing:. And they stayed at Minha’s parent’s place? OMG :laughing:
  • Also hope Jeongwon won’t be too jealous of Geon hahaha.

So many other things I could point out… will definitely watch this season again and am sad that there are only a few episodes left :cry:


Just watched this :smile:


Just finished episode 11 (will put stuff about that later) and I’m so happy :smile:!