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Wok of LOVE


Oh My Ghostess

I Order You

Post Videos or PREP, Post FOOD pix from the drama, POST YUMMY KISSES in the KITCHEN! I wanna see some YUMMY stuff


I know for some this drama is too slow in pace, but I liked the stories about the food so much.

And I recall several J-Dramas with food I liked but forgot the title would need to look it up except for one “Hungry” it was a special treat music and food in one!

Ever since watching this drama I wish I could order a table full of different cakes.

(found a picture at soompi didn’t think it would be that easy to add here, Source
Let’s be realistic after 3 pieces I would be full, or only taken a spoon of many I would feel guilty to waste it. Anyhow once times are better I really want to try to make some Croque en Bouche …
Have not baked too much in the past months.


If you find time, post pix of the food in the drama or prep of food or kisses in the kitchen or whatever!
I think I’m HUNGRY I just went to get Beef and Broccoli and Mushroom Chicken from Panda Express!

JUNHO was so :fire::fire::fire: when he cooked in WOK! I found him as an actor before an artist in 2PM.
I need to go watch that drama again! I will post more food too


I got a NEW COLLECTION! Help me FILL it up with YUMMY dramas!


Sweet Munchies with Jung ll-Woo
The actor actually loves to cook and bake! Oh my heart


Doesn’t Coffee Prince work in every way?

Unfortunately couldn’t find a waffle scene …

How about your favorite piggyback scene?

At least there is a piggy included :rofl:

P.S. Not a drama but nice watch


Yep - I added that in the collection as Coffee and Waffles (Um who wouldn’t want the Waffle Guy - Kim Jae Wook)

The piggyback I think is Hyun Bin - Lovely Sam Soon Right! Love it! I love that song

Youn’s Kitchen isn’t on VIKI - I thought it was???

HOT in the Kitchen Click on the Link - So I have 18 shows in the collection so far!


Can’t say too much about Dating in the Kitchen, couldn’t go on for months now, don’t know if I will take it up again.

The next one is not only about food, but she is a nutritionist and his family has a “rice cake” shop.


Ok I have Dating in the Kitchen, Pasta -
Unfortunately Glorious Day and Youn’s Kitchen are not avialbale to me. I have like 18 shows so far in my collection!

More add more photos and anything you guys can think of even if it is not totally a cooking show but has foodies in it.

I’m a crazy FOODIE


Here is another foodie

… and more chefs to go …

Last one not watched yet


[quote=“lutra, post:10, topic:37704”]
Marriage, Not Dating | Rakuten Viki
Now what about this one is food - is one of them a chef?


You obviously have not watched this drama.

One of the 3 guys has a restaurant, the 2nd guy is working there.
The FL’s parents have a Fried Chicken Shop, and she will later open a restaurant, with the 2nd guy …
Does this qualify then?

There was a Let’s Eat series with 3 seasons, I can’t access, don’t know if you can.

This is just for fun …



I guess it depends on how much interaction there is with the restaurant and food. Oh, I just thought of another one. Meow - The Secret Boy one of the guys owns a coffee shop.


Sweet Munchies


Re-make of Kim Sam Soon from Thailand

Not a kitchen but a grocery shop, I loved that drama

I still think I have seen a lot more, but the past weeks a lot of older dramas have vanished.


Thank you I didn’t have a few of these! The collections is growing nicely!


there are lots of restaurant scenes…but its more of a bar so not all that much cooking

I knew it! Queen In Hyun’s Men, Squad 38 and a lot of other dramas you recommended to me a long time ago don’t have channels anymore! :sob::sob:


In the past it was a channel vanished yet if you had it on your collections it was still there to see the thumbnail, no more channel to open, but now those thumbnails in the collections have gone … Bad, bad thing …
My watch list now has holes in it …


Very little food or interaction with food there. Unless you count the cat food given to the ML.