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I counted Coffee Prince cuz of the coffee made and the Waffle Guy. I like Meow because you do see interaction with the ML and the 2nd lead at the cafe! So not as much cooking but still fits and their both :fire: Kim Myung Soo “L” can do anything he wants in my book!!!

:fire:Hot in the Kitchen Click Link


I’m a big fan of Midnight Diner. My husband and I watch episodes as a nightcap, because they’re relaxing, delightfully weird, and are just bite size nuggets of story so it’s OK if you watch infrequently. The issue is I always end up with the late night munchies! Such great, simple cooking ideas in every episode.


So there is a Midnight Diner and then a Midnight Diner 2 but they both seem the same? is that right? And it’s a movie?


There was a mention of the Let’s Eat series above. I believe Viki only has S3 because S1&2 are on Netflix (in the US right now, anyway). Link below. I devoured (ugh!) the whole series. I don’t think it’s super sensual in terms of romance, but it’s definitely about the hedonistic pleasure of enjoying food.

This clip makes me nostalgic for dining out.


Yes, I did find this one and added it to the collection! I’m a true FOODIE and kinda snobby about food. I like to eat out and it better be GOOD! Thanks for letting me know where Season 1 and 2 are. I love the British Baking Shows - so addictive


This is super confusing, but I think what Viki has available in the US is the two movies, the first from 2014 and the second from 2016. Netflix has a bunch of the seasons of the TV show available–I believe there are 5 seasons total, but I’ve only watched 3 of them. I have to watch the movies on Viki-- then maybe I’ll understand the distinction better. More homework!


I think I forgot this one

I don’t recall much of this drama I watched it in my 1st or 2nd year as a K-Drama-watcher. It’s available - but I don’t want to somehow.

And found this by accident- not watched yet:


Oh my goodness…I used to spend whole summers watching British or American baking shows on TLC!! All sorts of stuff— Ultimate Cake-Off, Next Great Baker, Chocky-Wocky-Doo-Dah…I’d devour anything that came on TV :joy: I loved watching them create those amazing works of art!


And they don’t get any money - just a glass cake plate and flowers! I love love love the British Baking Shows


The other title of this drama is God of Noodles, so I guess it has to do with noodles, didn’t see it …


That looks intense! But a Noodle EMPIRE


You wrote it like that, and it reminded me on this - I tried hard to watch it but had a lot of makjang elements and not well-balanced, so I was off …
Maybe it was only the start, since the reference to it as warm-hearted family drama, or my memory is failing me.


Nope, it does not have much to do “in the Kitchen” but it’s a good watch, and it gets pretty serious too. . .


I’m still loving this collection - makes me hungry - hungry for LOVE - bahahahahahahaha!

Do you have any food dramas you love?


Did you watch Let’s eat 2? I was so hungry watching that show :joy:
I love that show!!


I just watched Splash Splash Love and I’m wanting to see more of Lee Doo Joon - So it is on my list


The best part: He’s explaining everything and that makes you hungrier!!!


this is my list, I did leave soime off, cause I havent watched them like lets eat 1-3

wok of love
sweet munchies
my lovely sam soon
warm & cozy
Bread love & dreams
hows are you Bread
Immortal classic
the best chicken


I love my Wok of LOVE!!!
Really looking forward to Sweet Munchies, Warm and Cozy and the Let’s Eat Series

I Order You! I loved that one!


what you mentiponed were great to watch too