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I added Immortal Classic I didn’t have that one! Thanks!


All the Let’s EAT


my goodness y’all they were all so good!


Has anyone watched Chocolate?


I love Ha Ji Won but it was too melodramatic for me and I didn’t like the female character.
Fortunately, Jang Seung Jo was there :heart_eyes:


Ok we had talked about like British Cooking Shows - I used to watch Master Chef

Now they have Master Chef Legends!!! Ok I’m late to this party - Now on Season 11



I love Ha Ji Won but it was too melodramatic for me and I didn’t like the female character.

The story sucked big time, and the ending was the culmination of the worst story plot I’ve seen HJW played in her career. She needs to stick to challenging roles bc these types of roles don’t suit her personality. She’s such a great actress. The ML was just as bad in this role so I forced myself to watch hoping it got better but I almost threw my laptop to the floor when I had to endure that ending.


You change your picture on your avatar so much I always think you are a new user.


I never go by the picture, but the name since that you can’t change (as far as i know). I love changing it to create variety.


This is what it’s like to eat with me. Some people love it, others roll their eyes. I felt so much for Mr. Let’s Eat. This is one of my top, top favorites, all three seasons. Love it to bits. The eating scenes were rapturous.


chocolate? I think I have…


Totally! But I love that, I would love to have that kind of company while I’m eating.


Just saw this one - variety show


I swear my Korean Food Today was EXCELLENT - makes me want to go to Seoul even more! :shallow_pan_of_food:


Anyone Got Any New Yummy Kitchen Dramas!


Web drama - Season 2


Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas


2 cups cooked chicken (I make in my instant pot to shred using carrot, onion, celery)
1 cup light sour cream
7 oz of green Chile (I use my frozen) or you can used canned (if you have to)
1 cup chopped onion (I don’t put onion in mine)
2 tbsp butter (I use the butter even though I don’t do the onions)
half tsp salt
4 cups shredded cheese (Monterey jack is best of a Mexican mix)
10 Flour Tortillas (I use the big ones made by La Banderita)
2 cans green Las Palmas Enchilada sauce

I make green Chile sauce to put on top or you could use a green salsa on top

Combine chicken, sour cream, and Chile. Set Aside. Sauté onions in butter. Add onion, salt, 2 cups cheese to chicken mixture. Dip tortillas in enchilada sauce to soften. Assemble in 2 pans. put 2 cups cheese on top.
350 for 20 min.

Adapted from cookbook recipe

I am making this today!


I’m currently watching this little drama

The FL is a food blogger in the present. She chokes on some food and passes out during a live vlog broadcast, and she wakes up in the body of a girl in Tang Dynasty. She then uses her knowledge as a foodie to open a restaurant and make more modern takes on food using the ancient ingredients. It’s cute and short, and every time she’s about to cook a dish, they show this little slow-motion clip of her tossing her hair and then wrapping it up in a bun so it won’t be in her way. It’s really adorable. Lots of cooking footage relative to how short the episodes are.


Just added to Hot in the Kitchen


He is managing director of a restaurant chain - I will have to see how much food is in this drama