🔥 HOT in the Kitchen! Sensual Food in LOVE! YUMMY DRAMAS - Your FAVS


I’m in love!

LoveFEST Chef
Chris Wu! 2021


This show has really good kisses, I think that you’ll love it!


Try this on for size, DiannaInKorea has really gone ethnic Korean, trying raw, and wiggley eats! (ノ゚0゚)ノ :point_down:t5:



I made Thai - it is usually a lettuce wrap but made it into a salad!


Thai? There’s gotta be more to it! Not sharing?


Well not really Thai but whatever - It’s yummy - My friends love it!


Still Loving Perfect Match
Watch Party Tonight On Eps 10 -
8 pm Eastern


Temperature of love, Gaduri restaurant, let’s eat!!!


He is a FOOD LOVING young man!!! OK T


I’m STARTING this one!!!


She sings on the OST

Our girl from Long Ballad - she is so darn SWEET


I love that OST
This is one of my favourites escenes lol