Hottie of the week


I love Secret Garden - Best Flirt Game Going!!! hahahahahahaha! And GOOD KISSES


I was just talking about the typical girl who doesn’t seem to be aware of she gets dirty and the ML taking the napkin to clean her out.


Kiss the ice cream off - I do like that or cream or whatever -

Um - should someone try that in the café with a BARISTA - just saying!


It’s a trope I don’t mind, but at the same time I’m always wondering how anyone actually gets food on their face and doesn’t realize it. We all sense it when that happens, right? And then instinctively wipe it off ourselves, with or without the use of a napkin? :wink::grin:


He had a point, he didn’t want to hahaha
I mean, I appreciate that it wasn’t the typical scene, you can just eat your own ice cream hahaha


Exaclty hahaha



YOU GUYS - that is not the point - AM I the only one that wants the cream kissed off!???

I’m dying over here!!!

I take it no one has every had this type of kiss before in our group!!! ???


I take it no one has every had this type of kiss before in our group!!! ???

Not me hahaha.
Something like this maybe hahaha (candy kiss+share)


Not available in my country!!! ugh

Gum - who has not done the gum kiss - ok! TMI


I said I didn’t mind it, but it might make more sense if they put the ice cream on themselves on purpose.


it looks like it’s the candy-swapping kiss - similar to the gum kiss you mentioned. LOL


Outta Hearts


Gum kiss? :thinking:


swap gum back and forth like the candy kiss


You wanna watch the end of “short” with us we are in a watch party me and @my_happy_place

New Watch Party #2

I can’t post another time


Hold on my computer died
I cant do anything from the app

Watch #2


You all are throwing out names of random dramas and posting random kiss scenes, how am I supposed to figure out what to watch? Is there some method to the madness?

I’ll just go back to Love is Phantom, it’s not confusing me.


Incurable Case of Love - Secret Garden - My Little Happiness - It’s Ok that’s Love


I had to change my VOTE for the moment because I can not even with Takeru Sato


This is one of the hottest scenes EVER!!! EVER and I watched it like several times! :laughing:


You changed your vote to the wrong one.


Oops My heart is on :fire: I can’t even type right!