Hottie of the week


That is illegal!


I blame you! I totally blame you for my TAKERU - Hangover! Totally your fault


And here is where all started hahaha
Guess who wins the last poll? @kdrama2020ali



New poll!!!
The poll for this week will be: So… I married a supernatural being! hahaha

  1. Gumiho (varsity)


  1. Goblin (forever!!)


  • Nine-Tailed
  • Goblin

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Seriously you are making me chose between those two REALLY! Not FAIR



I tried to make this my avatar on Discord - I love this gif! and I love McHottie Dr. Sweet Buns


hahaha Yes, I don’t know who to choose yet, but… let’s see



It’s hard because of I Love Foxy and his Mint Choc-ola-chip ice cream too!

amino apps


I might chose Foxy because they can be together more! Gobllin is not a very happy ending - its kind of a not so happy ever after! And I think 9T is still Supernatural even though he says he lost his powers!


It’s a super-tough call but I feel like I should give Goblin my pity vote. I tend to favor Kim Shin a little over Mr. 9-tailed. LOL!


I know…Kim Shin is my 1st love - What to do What to do!


He’s quite a singer too! Have you seen my post in the Segue Cafe?


Hi girls, I think that the last poll was too much for everyone since we didn’t get so many votes

Let’s try with another one.
This poll is called: “The doctor you need”

  1. An incurable case of love
    hold still

  2. Doctor Romantic

  3. Emergency Couple

  • An incurable case of love
  • Doctor Romantic
  • Emergency Couple

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Dr. McHottie Buns, baby! :rofl:


As much as I love Dr. McHottie Buns, I love CJH in Emergency Couple more.


All Day & Twice on Sundays McHottie Buns😍


Choi is so good too! I pick Daniel from Fated! I loved that character & Paris - yes please!:two_hearts:


I’ve got a thing for CJH, but you know that. lol
That noise he makes (yes I know it’s not exclusive to him, but he does it best) and the way he looks like he’s about to devour his leading ladies. lol


Aw yes I’d take his amnesia self in Devilish Joy!:two_hearts:He had me when he bought her those red shoes & when he protected her from those gang members & when he kissed her on stage! OK he had me at Hello!:laughing:

I think I will rewatch this -


Poll is over and I still can’t choose between them :wink::laughing::two_hearts: