Hottie of the week


hahaha I saw it!!
Sorry, but I was thinking that it’s time for a new poll


HEY girl - We need a NEW poll!!! :smile:


I’m thinking about a new topic, I’m trying to come with something good hahaha


Do not do it - don’t you dare do it! I know what you are thinking!!!


just let me think it well before starting with this hahaha


I was thinking a lot about what to post in a new poll, and I came up with nothing :sweat_smile:
A lot of things going on last few days, a lot of worries but… :bulb:
Suddenly this morning I just remember how our love for the team leader in Doom at your service was so strong, haha and now we are so in love with baddie. I don’t know how this is going to end but let’s see.

So, the poll for this week will be: how to deal with loving the second lead!!

Team Leader



  • Team Leader
  • Baddie

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You have REAL issues!!! You did not just do that to me!

They are both wonderful in different ways and ERAS!!!


Exactly, that was my point. Do you prefer a historical second lead? or prefer this arrogant team leader?


I have to vote after I see the romance!!! I lean Bad Boy Hottie! But they are both stoic and squishy!