Hottie of the week


Did you change your mind!? You voted for Team Team Leader! Before!

Ok I tell you! This is one of those show I’m not getting over anytime soon!



Leaning toward DOOM.


Totally changed my mind!
Loving Doom, Doom, Doom!!!


Remember to change your VOTE!


I can’t change my vote!!! :sweat:


Aw DRATS! :blue_heart:


Crushing totally on Bruce Hung if he smiles one more time! :wink:
Can we make him Hottie of the Week sometime? hahahaha!

He’s my Lee Je Hoon right now


Wow he’s cute!!


I can’t, I really can’t hahaha


Time for a new poll @natyh
You guys I posted TEAM TEAM LEADER in Hottie Posse! Well, I need to find more of his dramas.


Ok, let’s do it!!
This week, for our poll we’ll have the guys of the moment hahaha. Recently I received a poll from Viki tagging them as the most viewed of the moment so, let’s use it!!

Sexy Doom

Sexy Gumiho

  • Our Doom
  • Sexy Gumiho

0 voters


Ok you did that didn’t you! You are gonna make me go watch My Roommate is a Gumiho - I cannot properly vote yet. Still leaning DOOM - since I chose him over TEAM TEAM LEADER! I still have a major crush on TEAM TEAM LEADER

Did you guys know there is a “Perverts Club” thread! I think it ended a long while ago! So funny.

I like HOTTIE POSSE better


Is it finished? I haven’t seen it. I like to watch dramas already finished, this way I don’t have to wait anxiously


OK - I looked on MDL it is 16 eps so
10 are out already


Then I’ll wait a bit more


I have DOOM’s OST in my head - HOW CAN I MOVE ON!


You can’t. Just continue to listen to it


But the perverts club was about the comments in the shows, I think that we can make a revival on that thread!!!


No yet, but he’s sexy!! haha


When I figure out how to get over on Lee Je Hoon, we can talk! hahaha