Hottie of the week


I’ll watch it only for him. Decided.


Are you gonna watch! Me too!




This guy is SUPER ADORBS “He’s just a SLY FOX wearing the mask of a HOTTIE” hahahahaha!

This My Roommate is a Gumiho is so FUNNY and CUTE!


Yes, he is!!! that’s why I decide to include him. Did you watch search www?


On the Watchlist - but you have made this decision hard again! But I didn’t pick TEAM TEAM LEADER over DOOM how can I pick FOXY over DOOM - but I will watch all eps out before I make a decision - Leaning DOOM still but darn he’s FOXY


hahaha, I’ll think about a foxie poll mmm it could be interesting!!


Yes Lee Dong Wook vs Kim Bum vs Jang Ki Yong

(I love baby Bum)


exactly! I’m not sure!!
it may be a hard decision for me but I was just wondering haha


I love me some Lee Wook too! So very hard decision cuz just getting to know Jang Ki Yong but he is some kinda sexy!

KHOTTIE Foxy Fight!


yes, he’s really sexy and I take baby bum to a cute list more than a sexy list. But about Lee Dong Wook mmm I don’t know


These boys together!



Wow!! sounds interesting!! I read a lot of bad reviews of that drama, but as always I don’t trust in the reviews haha


I’m having a Ji Chang Wook - Kinda day!!! :purple_heart:


Oh really? It’s Friday!!! crazy day!


OH MO MO - Park Jin Young from GOT 7 - In Devil Judge! New Hottie!


This CHOICE is so unfair! They are SO different! DOOM is sexy and dark and Foxy is so SWEET and Sexy - How am I suppose to decide -


Exactly, that was exactly my point hahaha. Let’s see the final results :speak_no_evil:


You know I am seriously crushing on my Gumiho!!! Have you voted yet???


@natyh You are not going to believe this but I have a SEVERE crush on Jang Ki Yong
I binge watched Roommmate is a Gumiho until 5 a.m. And the KISS is WOWHOWSERS when it finally happens! I just had to sigh I have 10 more days to decide though - Jinjja

Sexy Foxy!

Ottoke ?! OTTOKE