Hottie of the week


hahaha, I was just thinking about what to do.
I think that we can struggle every time with the decision for different reasons, but that just came to my mind haha


Hottie of the week is

Bae In Hyuk… sunbae Seon Woo… :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:



Varsity wins!! even when our newbie is so cute hehehe


mmm I didn’t want to go on a goblin poll because it’s not fair for him, he’s so cute. But I’m going to think about it hehehe


Newbie! I tell ya! He’s a cutie! When I’m watching Gumiho - I’m such a Flip Flopper! But I love my 9T Fox!


Who would not fall in love???
See I’m a gutless flip flopper!

Get Yarn


I love our gumiho in Joseon clothes… :blue_heart:


Oh LORDY! Can I just say! Gumiho!!! I don’t think I can ever make a choice!!! Whoosh - No Dead Fish Kisses HERE!

Jang Ki-Yong - He is SO forgiven for Sweet and Sour


Does anyone else think that Jang Ki-Yong’s mouth looks like a :purple_heart: Seriously! Why do I notice these things!:kiss: Why is he so adorable!


I’m finishing Roommate is a Gumiho


I just remembered another Hottie :heart_eyes: from DOTS :joy: Jin Goo



Ok girls, here we go!!!
Militar tread!! This is going to be difficult.

Hyun Bin

Song Joong Ki

Ji Chang Wook

  • Hyun Bin
  • Song Joong Ki
  • Ji Chang Wook

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WOOKIE All day everyday that one was easy for me!

We Heart It


Do we have a new POLL!??? @natyh


Sure, I’m just thinking of the best possible poll!!! hahaha


You already know, but the winner si Wookie!!



No DOUBT - WOOKIE WOOKIE WOOKIE :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


I don’t know how I missed that poll, but it doesn’t matter, I would have voted for Wookie! lol



As I wait patiently - meditation!


Ok, It’s bath time!!

So Ji Sub

Park Seo Joon

Kim Woo Bin

  • So Ji Sub
  • Park Seo Joon
  • Kim Woo Bin

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You are evil. :rofl: