Hottie of the week


Noo, I’m going to vote now!


Hahaha I know, he is so cute!!!


Ok so I have watched the DOOM rain kiss - and the Roommate 1st kiss!
I’m hungover from DOOM and crushing on the Gumiho!

I need more criteria I can’t decide maybe AGE??? @natyh How much more time do I have to agonize over the decision!??? Hahahaha!


hahaha, It’s a hard, really hard decision!! I just decide that I need to get over my temporary crush on Doom and start with Gumiho hahaha
He’s cute and deserves to have his own time hahaha


Lee Dong Wook is the hottest thing on two (four?) legs. That is all.


Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I made my decision but now its a TIE breaker!

Oh my heart hurts! :broken_heart:



I REFUSE to be the tie breaker


We have troubles in here! This is too hard…


Sorry I didn’t see there was a BAD word - OOPS OOPS OOPS - I hate that word

@natyh sorry girl need to pay more attention!


No worries, that happens!


@natyh have you caught up on Roommate is a Gumiho??? I’m kinda upset with him right now!


hottie oof the week is our kim young dae
he is soooo cutee


Me too, it’s kind of frustrating!!!


Totally cute!!


@natyh Who is our Hottie this week??


Sorry, I was at my parent’s home so, I was kind of away from all this!
I have to say that our sexy gumiho wins!!!


I think that’s who I vote for - as she hangs her head low! I never voted I couldn’t do it!


Hi girls, I wanted to follow the line of the last poll hahaha
Now we have a Gumiho trend!!!

Newbie, sexy gumiho

Varsity, sexy nine tailed

  • Newbie
  • Varsity

0 voters


Really? It was closed or why?


You are truly trying to kill me - I just started totally crushing on Lee Dong Wook!

Oh - I refuse to chose between DOOM and Gumiho! I’ll chose though - ugh I’m a flip flopper - It closed out and I didn’t vote - so actually I think I would go with DOOM (nope I can’t chose)

Now I refuse to chose between these two! ahahahahahahaha!

LDW is unconscious in my show right now and how is it possible that he looks :fire: still