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historical thread… yay…


I loved him in that show, and I laugh a lot when he was dressed as a woman hahaha. It was hilarious!!


Well and the HOTTIE he’s riding with!!! I noticed him and wished he was not a nasty guy!!! He looks so good in the Hanbok!

Yes - so beautiful as a woman and Bad@#$ as a guy - loved it.

Should we start a “Historical Hottie” Thread??? @pomorandza_2 @natyh


Wow sounds like a way to go! Since we have a lot!! but like a lot!!!


I can only laugh. Not that I don’t think there are plenty to fill up such a thread, because there definitely are.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I love them.


Woo Do - Is Everything!!!


For the more mature (read older) members of this thread, I present Lee Hyun Byun from Memories of the Sword for the Historical Hotties. Yeah, he was my first K-drama crush and I’m not ashamed of it!

…and in street clothes below.


I’m curious about something… :thinking:
Who’s your favorite? (Everyone can vote)

  • Ji Chang Wook
  • Seo In Gook
  • Lee Je Hoon

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That’s super not FAIR!!! Can I vote ALL but I’ll end up going with my 1st love Wookie! :purple_heart:
I knew Wookie before I knew Seo In Guk :heavy_check_mark: and Lee Je Hoon! :heavy_check_mark:


I was just curious after seeing so many pictures of Lee Je Hoon. :grin:


@vivi_1485 and @natyh
He is our crush right now because we are watching Tomorrow With You - CRUSHING


He’s my crush forever!

I have a lot of favorites for different reasons but Lee Je Hoon is my crush (I can’t understand why, but it’s like that)


I swear - he is not the most muscular guy (well in Tomorrow With You) I know he is in some of the other shows - not the tallest guy - not my normal guy -


Exactly, I don’t know whyyy!!!
He has a hidden charm that you can’t understand and I can’t handle haha


I know, right?? He has this hidden charisma, something about him that makes you fall in love with him(and I am NOT talking about his handsome nose😂)

I also loved how we saw so many different aspects of his character as the drama progresses… just when you thought you’ve seen all he has to offer, you fall in love allllll over again!! :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: Je Hoon is second only to my Joon Gi. :heart: ahhh I’m an ahjussi-lover what do I doooooo :joy::joy:


You and your NOSE trope!


Same rational for me. I was all googely-eyed for Wookie long before I knew about SIG. And those white button-down shirts (with or without watch) :wink: really sucked me in too.

Alternate view, sans white shirt:

Yes, please!


You are so MY PEOPLE



We Heart It

Oh WOOKIE WOOKIE WOOKIE WOOKIE WOOKIE WOOKIE :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:


I know, how can it be so perfect!!
But it’s kind of everything, he’s such a good actor and he’s so handsome!!!
He can be so cute too!!! and manly, really manly!! hahaha
Don’t make me talk about him, He’s my #1