Hottie of the week


@vivi_1485 @kdrama2020ali Girls! Look at this!

He’s so talented!



진짜 (Jinjja)

He is so talented - REALLY - I don’t know what it is!!! He has some kinda power over me - @natyh and @vivi_1485


This guy is so GORGEOUS!

Xu Kai Cheng


Oh you can talk about him forever, I’ll never ever get tired :sweat_smile::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

OH MY GOODNESS!! I hate finances but I’ll definitely watch it if I get my hands on it! :heart_eyes: Lee Je Hoon Fighting!!!


I can talk and watch him forever!! hahaha




Historical Drama Hottie - I’m telling you this guy is GORGEOUS
I’m a Pet at Dali Temple

XU Kai Cheng

I think I need a new collection "Historical Hotties"


He’s from Well-Intended Love, isn’t he? :expressionless:


Yes, he’s the ML


@vivi_1485 @natyh My distraction! Yes



What is our Poll this week??


I’m thinking about it!
I’ll post it today, in a while hehe


Ok, the poll for this week is:

The second lead syndrome!!! This will be easy for some of you, but I had to think twice!! Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Kim Seon Ho (Start up/100 days my prince)

  2. Hwang In Yeop (True Beauty)

  3. Jung Hae In (While you were sleeping/Goblin?) You can’t beat goblin, but I just put it as a reference hehe

  • Kim Seon Ho
  • Hwang In Yeop
  • Jung Hae In

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Have you seen me posting JHI all day - That was easy!!! Phew

Ugh Something in the Rain - my throw the laptop but he was so CUTE


hahaha yes, I got it. But I’m struggling because I’m thinking about the characters too. I don’t know yet haha


Kim Seon Ho was so good in Start Up. It’s the first time I don’t understand the FL’s choice.
I was so sad because of him.


I didn’t vote in this poll for a couple reasons: First and foremost, I do not get SLS (with one and only one exception. I’m looking at you, Cheese in the Trap). I’m pretty sure I’m hardwired to instantly hate a second lead even when there’s no good reason to do so. Secondly, I’ve only seen While You Were Sleeping (no SLS for me) and Start Up for which I actually did like Kim Seon Ho’s character far better than the ML, but I did not want him to end up with the girl. Actually, I would have preferred that neither of them did, but that’s another topic.


that’s why I vote for him!! It was so sad!


When I was building this poll I was thinking about Cheese in the trap, But I ended with different choices.
I have to recognize that I had the SLS in a couple shows, but that’s why a poll is made for, sometimes is something interesting, sometimes is boring, and sometimes you don’t want to vote hehe


And even when I don’t have an opinion, I’m always interested to see what everyone else thinks.


Exactly!! That’s the purpose of this I think…