How are (experienced) segmenters able to segment so fast? :)

I have always wondered this:
How are some segmenters able to segment so fast?

I still consider myself to be a newbie :hatching_chick:, so I don’t mind that it takes me 30 minutes or more
to segment one part. I want to make sure everything is done correctly. :blush:

Sometimes, when I’m busy segmenting, I keep an eye on the chat, to see who else is there.
Some segmenters are able to finish 2 parts in the time it takes me to do one part. And I always
ask myself how they do it. Is this the perk of being an experienced segmenter? :wink:

Just curious :grin::open_mouth:


One word: experience (and sometimes method of segging). When I started segging it took me 60-90 minutes to seg a 10 minute part, a while later it took me 45-60 minutes and now my speed is about 15-20 minutes I guess. My record is 8-10 minutes but that part had hardly anything to seg.

Segmenting is about quality and not quantity so I rather have a segger in my team who takes a bit longer and does a good job then someone who’s fast and does a poor job. I know for newbies it’s sometimes a struggle to be a bit slower then everyone else, when I was a newbie I sometimes felt so guilty people had to wait for me because I was so slow.

Now I sometimes even multitask and do other things while I seg aswell :wink:


Hahah superwoman :wink::smile:
Guess I just have to wait … in the meanwhile I’ll look up to you seg-ninja’s :stars:

That’s what I’m experiencing right now. When I started segging, it took me 60-90 minutes to seg a 10 minutes part, now it took me approximately 45 minutes. I’m listening the part from the beginning to the end, without missing 1 second and I happen to stay block at a particular time, without knowing what to do with that.

When I see others, experienced seggers, arrive, I say to myself “When will I get to a level like theirs?” I still have work to do for. But quality is better than quantity, so i’m ok with my slow snail time. What can be annoying is that I only have time to do 1 part when they have already do 3 or 4 parts. I might have liked to do 2 parts? But still, I do not complain because I work only on Chinese dramas, quite bulky and every day. But I wonder how new seggers do for Korean dramas? You have to bite to get a part on a Korean drama, it’s almost a promised land.

I wonder how new on viki, who have made a successful segmentation academy, can integrate easily?
Every month we have new seggers, but we always see the same ones on the dramas (which do very good work) but I wonder where are the new seggers? We have work on Chinese dramas, a lot. But what about Koreans ones?


I feel your pain :slight_smile: But you are right. With Chinese dramas that upload 2 episodes every day, you have your chance to work on it. Less so when it’s one episode a day ~ it also really depends on what timezone you are in and what you are doing at that moment whether you get the chance to do anything.

I always ask the same thing. I see a lot of students in the NSSA Sandbox, but I rarely see them work on the dramas I’m working on if they manage to graduate the whole program (but I also do Chinese dramas 99% of the time). I just happen to have 2 Korean dramas at this moment, but I really have to switch from my Chinese method :grin:

And with Korean ones you kinda have to know exactly when they upload so you can be there, before everything is occupied. I feel bad for having to “race” like that. But I also mainly keep to doing 1 part.

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I still sometimes have bits where I think how shall I seg that? Like those fighting scenes where multiple people speak around the same time. Then I mostly just combine a few and seg it how I think it can work out. If it doesn’t the segs can always be changed for better reading flow.

When NSSA was founded there where a lot of projects to work on and Segmenter 101 was the only training school and had a waiting list. Currently there are less projects for us all to work on due license restrictions, Viki auto segging/subbing things, the Kocowa stuff mostly comes subbed and segged too. So yeah even for me it was hard to find a project because some I couldn’t work on in the end etc. Some days have no projects I would like to seg and others have like 3. And with the uploadingtimes all over the place. Back in the day you could predict better when everything was up… now some things are up at 4PM while others are there at 9PM or later… The 9PM or later one I don’t seg a lot because it just uploads to late to my liking after a busy day at work.


It’s really a pain in the butt :frowning:
If it was predictable then you could sorta plan for it…

Uhuh and after you where done with one project you could move to the next right away to see if there is anything left to seg. If not everything is done for the day. Now I have a huge gap between projects so it’s not like once you’re done, you’re done anymore. Well ok we can call it a day anytime because we are volunteers but still.

But on the positive side now people from different timezones have more chance to seg something because they might have been sleeping while there was more of a set upload time.

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I’m also still slow. What I do is I take the last part of the episode. So that if faster subbers can do two parts while I finish mine, there isn’t a “hole” and I don’t feel pressure. [quote=“anna79_9, post:4, topic:19844”]
What can be annoying is that I only have time to do 1 part when they have already do 3 or 4 parts. I might have liked to do 2 parts?
Frankly I’ve never seen it like that. If we can’t complete more, that’s our problem. Why should a second part be reserved for us, for when we are finally over with the first one? This would slow down the workflow and the whole episode would take more to get ready, which isn’t fair when the viewers are eagerly waiting.
One part is perfectly okay for me. When we get faster, we’ll get to do two or more.

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I’m not agree with that. I do not say that you have to book a part, but you have to share. It is very rare that I’m doing two parts on an episode: first because I do not have the time and secondly because I like to share.

The workflow? Omg, segmenters have a military fighter jet speed. You turn your head for 10 seconds, and you’re over. That’s it ^^

When I said “What can be annoying is that I only have time to do 1 part when they have already do 3 or 4 parts. I might have liked to do 2 parts?” I do not speak of a single episode, but rather Chinese dramas because I only do Chinese dramas: sometimes 2 or 3 episodes come out per day. But I can not do 2 parts because the 3 episodes are already segmented. Besides, sometimes I do not even have time to segment a single part. Why? Because in 1 hour (maybe 2), segmenters have already finished. And I can understand that on episode 1 this would delay the translation, but not for the 2 others.

When I started translating on viki, I did not know about the segmenters’s existence. Besides, it took me several months to understand. Why? Because they are faster than light. Maybe it would be great to limiting to one part per person, per episode to share? I do not know what is right or not, but I know we have to give everyone a chance. I do not think delaying translation by 2 or 3 hours from the current situation is a problem. The translators always arrive several hours later anyway.

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True, these guys are super fast! :joy::joy:
Till now I’ve only experienced it once that the CM asked segmenters to take it slow and not to “race” to the finish line. I quite like it. I can do one part and not feel like if I check in tomorrow or after a few days, all the episodes will be segmented. The sub team has to catch up anyways :slight_smile:

But in this case all the episodes were uploaded at once.

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I sometimes do 2 parts and sometimes even 3 or more and there was even a time I did a whole episode by myself because no one else was around.
Being able to do 2 parts or more parts should not be your goal and I don’t see any unfairness in people doing more parts while others do one. Unless they use unfair means like claiming a new part when you are not done with your other one. That’s against the unwritten rules. When I’m done with a part I just check if there is anything left to do when I still have time. And for the times I did 3 or more parts mostly go do something else to give others a chance to drop by and seg. But sometimes after an hour or more it was still not done and I was like let’s seg some more when I had time so that’s done and the subbers can start.