How did you discover k-drama?


I was having a particularly bad time with sensory overload (mostly sound) and was watching everything with the volume off, just reading subtitles, so I thought the language doesn’t matter and watched a couple Kdramas. I found that I really like the way the dramas tend to be more reserved/innocent and wrap up after a season. I started watching on Netflix and eventually found my way here. :slight_smile:


Crowds give me claustrofobia. Based kdrama when some guy lived in the forest or mountains. Or when looking at pictures on the internet, all the forest seem to be managed by humans and taken care of. Here there’s lot’s of wild forests, their harder to pass through and there tends to be more of certain animals. I think I might still go insane after all when not getting my dose of green. x)

Very true!


A friend texted me in July 2020 and told me to watch Crash Landing on You! I said ABSOLUTELY not I hate subtitles. I was hooked from day one. The stories are so much more complex. I don’t watch TV anymore. Guardian the Lonely and Great God is my ALL time #1. Kdrama. I have watched in upwards of 50 dramas since July and several T-dramas and C-dramas.

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I completely understand. I’ve turned off my tv several times in my life but I didn’t have kdramas back then. Now I do. :sunglasses:


I don’t see the point in watching shows that aren’t as good!:green_heart:


I got into kpop with Super Junior in 2015. Then my cousin recommended me "Secret Garden"and I started to watch it.I finished it in a really short time and it was really fun.They were so cute. Also, the scene where they do sit-ups was really popular among kpop idols :upside_down_face:. But I was shocked when I searched the cast. They were really old for me back then lol. I remember that my sister called me out to snowball but i rejected just to finish the drama. I was really addicted I guess :thinking:.
Then I became Army etc. I left kpop sometimes but couldn’t leave kdrama. :no_mouth: So here I am.