How did you discover k-drama?


I was having a particularly bad time with sensory overload (mostly sound) and was watching everything with the volume off, just reading subtitles, so I thought the language doesn’t matter and watched a couple Kdramas. I found that I really like the way the dramas tend to be more reserved/innocent and wrap up after a season. I started watching on Netflix and eventually found my way here. :slight_smile:


Crowds give me claustrofobia. Based kdrama when some guy lived in the forest or mountains. Or when looking at pictures on the internet, all the forest seem to be managed by humans and taken care of. Here there’s lot’s of wild forests, their harder to pass through and there tends to be more of certain animals. I think I might still go insane after all when not getting my dose of green. x)

Very true!


A friend texted me in July 2020 and told me to watch Crash Landing on You! I said ABSOLUTELY not I hate subtitles. I was hooked from day one. The stories are so much more complex. I don’t watch TV anymore. Guardian the Lonely and Great God is my ALL time #1. Kdrama. I have watched in upwards of 50 dramas since July and several T-dramas and C-dramas.

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I completely understand. I’ve turned off my tv several times in my life but I didn’t have kdramas back then. Now I do. :sunglasses:


I don’t see the point in watching shows that aren’t as good!:green_heart:


I got into kpop with Super Junior in 2015. Then my cousin recommended me "Secret Garden"and I started to watch it.I finished it in a really short time and it was really fun.They were so cute. Also, the scene where they do sit-ups was really popular among kpop idols :upside_down_face:. But I was shocked when I searched the cast. They were really old for me back then lol. I remember that my sister called me out to snowball but i rejected just to finish the drama. I was really addicted I guess :thinking:.
Then I became Army etc. I left kpop sometimes but couldn’t leave kdrama. :no_mouth: So here I am.


unas compañeras estaban hablando de una serie casi diario y por querer incluirme en la conversación empecé a verla y después me aparecieron mas en recomendaciones de Netflix y seguí.:slight_smile:


i discovered it when i was in middle school and i saw boys over flowers that was when i instantly fell in love


One day i went scrolling through tik tok, and came across a k-drama post, i wanted to see more and watch more, and now here i am. Im enjoying watching k-drama and im so glad i found viki. XD


I’m pretty sure I was just scrolling through netflix and I came upon a kdrama:-)


I watched The New Legends of Monkey on Neflix, a Western drama about the monkey god and really enjoyed it. When I finished it I just seached monkey god stuff on Netflix and Korean Odessey came up. Life changed. Also I was going through alot of stuff at the time, so the tragic ending really helped the catharsis. K-drama is my therapy.


My younger sister got introduced to them by my cousin who actually lives in Seoul, South Korea. She was interested in learning Korean so my cousin had her watch some k-dramas. I spend a lot of time in my sisters room so I sat in while she was watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and I ended up loving it.


You my fellow fan, you’re funny :laughing::joy::laughing::joy:


I can relate🙂
It was a local asian tv channel, providing free everything, for antenna reception television. When I say everything, I mean, everything, like live cooking shows! Worship services! Contestants Variety shows! Vacation Get-A-Way shows! Dramas! Movies! And, the list goes on, that’s how I got started watching strictly Asian shows back in 2011/12. I use to set my alarm to catch the aired episodes of dramas at :us: 6:00am, and even :us:4:00am in the early mornings :joy: First I thought I was watching Chinese Dramas, but soon realized, it was a mix with Korean Dramas. They had Mandarine, & Cantonese voice overs, for the Korean Dramas :woman_shrugging:t5: who knew! In 2012, I thought I’d look at learning the original language of the dramas. I looked at Chinese, and Korean. But I decided on Korean, because I understood it’s consonants, and vowels easier. Later in 2013, I met a roommate who told me about the Viki App! I’ve been here ever since! Sure, I have tried other apps, but Viki remains my main stay.:sparkles::wink::fist_right:t5::fist_left:t5::fist:t5::blush: This is all on the east coast :us: btw :smile:

Turns out it was more than one channel. They can be found on your social media platforms. And, they can be found in your app stores. The channels:
:tv: ICNTV
:tv: WMBC TV and their affiliates
:tv: iNDTV New Tang Dynasty
:tv: SinoVision


So true, I really don’t watch tv :tv: anymore :smile:!


For some context: I was slowly getting into series and dramas back in my later high school years. My first foreign language series was a Brazilian drama called A Escrava Isaura (I ended up watching both the 1970’s version and the 2004 version). I was hungry for more. I didn’t really like the shows on Netflix, but I didn’t know what else to watch. That’s when I saw my friend’s Snapchat story…

My Filipino friend was the one who introduced me (albeit indirectly) to Kdramas. She took a little video of the rain/umbrella scene in Are You Human, Too? and posted it on Snapchat, where I saw it and was terribly intrigued. I messaged her asking what show the scene was from, and that’s how I started.

Hehe I barely watch American shows/movies anymore. My reliance on subtitles has grown to the point where I feel more comfortable with them on while watching something in English. I sometimes think that I understand the Korean audio more than English audio. I wonder if that has to do with pronunciation differences (maybe the Korean actors pronounce their words more clearly than American ones?).


I get those thoughts too, that I understand the Korean, until I try to watch without subtitles😂 I do understand some, but having learned recently, their sentence structure, really helps to understand.


I am located in the U.S. and have never considered international dramas until I decided to give it a try by watching the long Turkish drama series, ‘Black Money Love’ on a competing online provider. Great show! Next I watched the South Korean history/drama series, ‘Mr. Sunshine’ which is still my all-time favorite. I’ve been hooked since then. I’m so glad I’ve expanded my viewing horizon!


:smile: The appeal is undeniable, us fans who accidentialy happened upon K-Dramas, stayed for days, months, years, and decades! :thinking: Hmmm :thinking: Time to think critically. What void is it filling? I’ve never given thought to that, come to think of it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Speaking for myself, I’m sure the pandemic contributed to my discovery of K-drama. I was starting to get bored with U.S. dramas. Plus, the scenery in some of these International offerings is gorgeous! (And I don’t just mean the men. He,he,he).