How did you discover k-drama?


A friend sent me a txt in July 2020 that her daughter was watching Crash Landing On You and I should watch it. I said ABSOLUTELY not I don’t do subtitles. Well, I watched the 1st episode and I was hooked. I have now watched over 55 to 60 dramas! Including t-drama, j-drama, and c-drama.

Goblin is still my #1 favorite after watching as many as I have. But I have close favorites that all still around my Top 5. What was I doing before k-drama? I think the acting and story lines are so different and better than what I’m used to. I don’t even watch regular TV anymore

I think I missed out on great stories, actors and actresses, sets, costumes and now music (kpop) for WAY too many years! I’m so glad I found it!


I so agree!


I knew you were my Sista Friend!!!


Yo hace muchos años no hablo inglés, por eso mi escritura no es la mejor, pero te entiendo bien todo lo que escribiste, gracias por el mensaje. Que bueno que estés aprendiendo coreano, yo también quiero aprender a segmentar, estoy esperando que se contacten conmigo, practiqué un poco en la sandbox, pero me gustaría poder practicar con otro video. Éxitos, y cuando quieras conversar podés contactarte conmigo.


One of my favs Korean actresses starred in that drama.
Seo Ji-Hye (@jihye8024) on IG

I have yet to watch it though, I guess I’m saving it for just the right timing :sparkles::wink::+1:t5: