How did you entered to the k-world?

I was just curious about how you came to know about k-pop, k-dramas, etc.
For me it was because of a friend who introduced to me j-rock and by chance I ended up watching a video of FT Island and then everything began ^^ now I’m like, totally lost in the k-world ^o^

I think this is what people think when they know about my addiction about South Korea xD


In my case it was looking for the live action of the famous anime boys before flowers, I saw the Japanese version and from there I went to the Korean version… was my perdition. My obesion began with my beloved Bi Rain, and later Hyun Bin, aaahhh! Already I can´t stop to see Korean dramas!


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i first got introduced when i had a chinese channel on T.v. that would put some chinese dramas aswell as some korean dramas and some kpop + c-pop things. (then ive always loved animes and mangas aswell.) i would watch the episodes they put on, then not know what they were called because it was all in their language. one day a friend showed me she would watch this kdrama online called “dream high” and “playful kiss”. i immediately got hooked. O.O FOR.EVER.

one day i saw a kpop group perform on tv. (on those chinese channels i mentioned before) went crazy trying to know their name,but never found it… and then another friend was talking about kpop, showed me some vids. and i found the loves of my life that i was looking for (the kpop group b2st) and freaked out.


I entered this world through my sister. She was hooked on Filipino movies and dramas, then we just got addicted to Asian dramas.

I entered K world through state owned Romanian television.

I’m not fond of K-pop, but I like K-dramas. Korean serials have been airing in my country (Romania) since July 2009, when the public television channel launched Jewel in the Palace , which was an alternative to what was on TV at the moment, the main attraction being the culture of an area not at all presented in our TV space. In a short time the epic Korean dramas have exceeded all others dramas including the expensive commercial broadcasters ’ own productions, probably because they came with concepts that the modern world has forgotten and people still have the desire to break out in a continual story with heroes represented with simplicity and living in a fascinating, exotic and colorful world dominated by decency.

Since than, more than a 150 Korean dramas aired on our TV channels. We have 5-6 daily K-dramas and also K-dramas on weekend.

I entered in K-world through Nodame Cantabile. I watch a lot of japanese animes. And somone told me that Nodame existed with real actors. So I tried and I loved it ! I started to watch japanese drama then Que Sera Sera and I was in the K-World !

I understand you so well!! It’s impossible not be addicted to korean dramas! I can’t even sleep because of them T_T


Hahaha you’re lucky to have those friends =D
When you discovered what you wanted didn’t you feel like you finally found your place? I mean, call me crazy if you want but I’m sure that discovering this world is destiny!! xb

And learning english with them is just…

Hahaha xD

Haha that’s cool x))

OMG! You’re soooo lucky!!! I’m from Portugal and here we don’t have any Korean drama airing T_T But well, that’s really good for you :smiley:

I think we don’t even realize when we enter the K-world, it’s just too natural =)

really??? no k-drama on tv?
look at this list :smile: (these are k-dramas aired in Romania from august 2009 till now)

first is TVR (the state-owned television) that broadcast daily historical Korean dramas.Other Romanian channels broadcast contemporary dramas and also k movies.

later edit: now I’m re-watching King 2 hearts on a Romanian channel. I first saw it on Viki.

Through Netflix actually. I watch a lot of foreign content and Netflix kept recommending Secret Garden. I was reluctant initially because it was a series, but once I started…well, it never stopped.

FINAL week of data collection: Annyeonghaseyo Viki fans! Please take my survey about learning language and culture on #Viki. Fellow K-Drama lovers, help a chingu out. I’m working on my thesis on the potential for social streaming sites like Viki to develop intercultural competence. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. Kamsahamnida! #화이팅

Aaaaaaaaah so much dramas!!! I can’t believe it! :open_mouth:
Why don’t they do this too in my country??!

Well, I’m glad that Viki exists ^^

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Haha it’s like “once you enter you can’t leave” x)

I’m italian and I entered in Korean World thanks to MBLAQ’s “Stay”. I was listening to One Ok Rock when I popped up on youtube their video. And from there, I started to feel curious about the various groups, right up to Korean drama thanks to Kim Hyun Joong ç and Playfull kiss that is my first K-drama!


ahhhhhhhhh mblaq!!! so you love them tooo!! ahh mblaq is just great xD im suprised not so many ppl talk about them. i remember hearing a piece of the song “stay” in a kpop vid mix and went crazy to find that song xD of course tho, my first song by them was “cry” i love your story!! playful kiss was one of the first’s kdramas i was introduced too xP

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hahaha YES!! it really WAS destiny!! i was like:

i really said “okay, this is my thing. i was looking, and i found. I CANT BELIEVE IT!!!” ESPECIALLY when i found my kpop group i freaked out because it was like, a year or two later. i really felt that was destiny especially, since it was so specific. i was like "aww, man. i reallyyy liked them and im never gonna see them again… T.T " next i see their video:

it was only a couple of months later that i found that exact performance of them on youtube that i found on t.v. i almost fainted LOL

so yea, i will not call you CRAZY, its fate girlll xP xD

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HAHAHHA I’m laughing so hard right now imagining your reaction xD
It was B2st right? I still don’t know all their names, I don’t know why but I’m always confusing Hyunseung with Junhyung xb but I watched all their videos and I have all their songs :smiley:
And I love… Kikwang teeth

Weird, I know hahaha

What was the first mv you’ve seen of them?

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh girl i could talk about b2st all day LOL im glad i made you laugh ! yea i was screaming… maybe silently since i was in the library at the time watching online vids…

KIKWANGGG AND THOSE PERFECT TEETH (okay okay, note to self, must calm down…must… CANT!!) NOT WEIRD. NEVER.


yes b2st is my ultimate bias first group i love them. really.

yay! so u like their songs bsfjhsdf!

the first mv i saw from them was probably “badgirl” and i flipped. they were all so cute!! bad girl,beautiful night, then fiction.

but the first performance that i saw on tv. that i eventually found online where i first saw them was this one:

i bought almost all their albums of recently and have them plastered on my wall xD

hyunseung and junhyung are kinda easy to differentiate once you get to know them more.

junhyung is the rapper(u can tell he has the tough rapper look to him):