How do I change my details here at Discussions?


I want to change my profile pic here at Discussions and I also want to edit my bio or whatever you call it. Since I was on a hiatus till June end, I had put up my bio as “On a short hiatus till June end” but now that I’m back on track again I want to edit it to a normal bio. I dunno how do I do it. Help!

And fyi I already edited my bio and profile picture at my Viki profile but it is not getting updated here at Discussions. Here’s my Viki page: nischay - Rakuten Viki

Thanks in advance!

What the actual glitch was that? I am serious before creating this topic I had my old details… old pfp… old bio…
Idk how it got changed!:man_shrugging:t2:


Discussions recently underwent some changes, probably during your hiatus so I guess when you came back, it just took a little while for your information to get updated to the new version.


Generally, you cannot change this stuff just for Discussions. There is no option to do that. Your username, real name and profile picture are taken from your profile page at Viki. And rightly so, otherwise it would be extremely confusing, if a person has a different name and avatar here than they have on the Viki main site. One would never know who one is talking to.


In my case, it took 3-4 years for my profile picture to ever show up on Discussions. But yesterday, it finally happened, totally unexpected.


OMG! I didn’t know that. I thought you preferred the “default icon” haha. The ava did take some time to appear for me too. Though not that long, just a few months and it appeared. I thought it was a glitch… just as some cover designs are not showing up…

Congrats! I remember this icon. It’s lovely! :heart_eyes:


@mirjam_465 Oh! Is it? This probably could be the reason.

@irmar Yeah, that is why I wanted to change my details here otherwise it would’ve been confusing for various people.

That for sure is a long time but positively it is settled now. Congrats! :star_struck:

Yeah, this glitch sometimes is annoying but again…we good people, we put up with it. :heart_hands: