How do I search viki users

Hello everyone! I’ve been desperately trying to find out how I can search people, viki volunteer accounts, on viki when I only have their username. Some people just said copy and paste. But where to? Please help me:(.

Let’s say you open your profile replace your ID’s name with the one you want to look up, that’s all.
You know? … viki . com / users / IDtoexchange /…


–> Replace ajumma2 with any ID you want to find.

Oh wow I really am freaking stupid. Thank you very much!!

Thank you so much! I’m stupid😅

Don’t say something like that about yourself, you just didn’t know that’s all. It’s not that there is a manual for Viki available.


NO, YOU ARE NOT! I won’t let you say that about yourself.

There are so many things on Viki that I’m still learning and I’ve been here over a decade!


You are smart enough to ask the question and get the answer that you wanted. :slight_smile:


You´re so nice, thank you.

Thank you very much. I´ve learnt a lot thanks to you!