How do you add GIF images to the channel wall?

I’ve tried but it just ends up as a regular picture. I was also wondering how to save a JPEG onto your computer. I just can’t seem to get it. Can anyone help me out?

Huh? What do you mean? .jpeg/.jgp is just a file format for images; it’s a “regular” picture, isn’t it?

Well… Maybe its .avi…those moving pictures…thats the only way I can explain it.

Do you have a mac by chance? Then sometimes it only shows the first ‘frame’ of the picture in preview… and then you see all frames under it (depending on your settings for preview) what happens if you saved a gif (those moving pics are gifs no avi) and you open it in your browser. Is it still not moving then?
(Maybe for windows it’s the same but I don’t remember)

If it’s not moving something is wrong on your computer.

Ohh and on Viki you can just upload gifs too I thought (If not upload it on tinypic/photobucket) and use that link
A moving picture can never be a JPEG, it should be a gif.

I guess its a gif then. I have windows, but I dont know how to save it. When I open the link its fine, but after saving its not moving.

It might depend on what program you’re using to open it; I’m not sure on the specifics, but I don’t think all programs will be able to play the animation.

As Dudie said, after you save it, try opening it in your web browser - if it works fine there, then it should load fine when you add/upload it elsewhere on the web.

It works when I use IE or Chrome. Now I want to know to know how to add it to the channel wall. Is there a certain way it has to be done like it is with embedding videos? I dont think it works when uploading pictures normally.

I just checked to be sure and you can upload them like any other picture unless they are too huge (viki has a limit for kb). If to huge upload them somewhere else and then add them as I mentioned in a post above.
Gifs are pictures, not movies, so you should not add them like movies.

Thats what I wanted to know. Just wanted to clarify. Thank you @Dudie and @scircus
I’ll let you know how it goes…

@Dudie Its too big :frowning: Is there any other way? Can I upload it to flickr?

You can upload it anywhere that allows you to upload files. After successfully uploading it, obtain the direct link to your gif. If using the easy editor in viki, click the “image” icon and paste the link to your gif in the “url” box and click ok. Hope that helps. =)

I uploaded most of them on flickr or photobucket, but some are too big…

I got them most of them on Flickr, the rest on Photobucket. Thank you. It’s just annoying putting them on the channel walls because they end up separating when you put them together.

Can you explain what you mean by separating? As in there’s a visible white space in between them?

No, I mean they end up on separate lines when I put them together. Its fine when editing but it happens when I save it and look at the wall. I just ended up making them smaller and it looked fine.

I see what you mean. Yes, on the channel wall, I believe the max width is 558px. I’ve done 560px too but I don’t know if it merely shrunk it for me or not. Stay within that range and it’ll stay on the same line. Otherwise, it will move it onto the next line for you.

Thanks! That’ll help me with future projects.